My Holidays

Well, I haven’t written much lately and for that I apologize (to my one and only reader April. Hopefully some other people might come later.)

I’ve just had my (not long enough) 2 weeks of holidays, during which I:

Got a really short haircut,

Had my ears pierced,


Had dinner at Fedeles after aaaages of not going there because their food was too rich (still is)

Had an AWESOME party where we played Guitar Hero and Singstar


I actually just received a letter in the mail, which said something like “happy birthday, now that you’re 17, enroll to vote, so that when you turn 18 you will be enrolled into the electorate roll!” Which is actually quite funny, because the government was CLEARLY trying to be “hip” with us.

So Miss E- has asked us to do some English over the holidays. Namely, actually WRITE an essay. Well we came back to school, and she asked around the room to see who’s done anything, and to make a rather short story shorter about 4 people have done…1/4 of the first essay. While it flabbergasted her a bit, I think she was kind of expecting it so she wasn’t too devastated, and plus we have heaps of time left to not do it until it’s due.

April and So- are going to be away tomorrow to go to GTAC so I’m going to be all myself when we’re in the computer room. Well…I might just read my fanfic. Oh. Oh shit wait. Miss E- might read this eh? Weeeelll…if I do well then she can’t argue. I mean all she really has to care about is the end result. Oh and the “using class time effectively.” Hmm. I’m sure I’ll be fine. Right MIss E-?

Speaking of fine…my computer screen is not. I do believe that my video card has finally kicked the bucket after 5 years. I have very annoying red block patterns all over my screen. I guess I’m using this as an excuse for all my typos.

I still have not started on my English. I’ve finished my VisCom. Oh and of course I’m lightyears behind on my Chinese but I really don’t care about that because I realize my teacher is a shithead. So maybe I might get a crack onto English and Legal. But I really want to write my vampire story, and read the fanfic that Car- (I can’t remember if I abbreviate her name or not) recommended to me.

Maybe I might write my vampire story in English. This way Word would be open so I can easily switch between my story and…a blank document haha. Oh I am the master of shit Red Herrings.

I just remembered to have forgotten to mention: I got an R4 for my birthday from my class friends, and it turns out not to work…yet. Hopefully Dom’s bro can fix it. ‘Cos I played some of Nugget’s Professor Layton today with Eu- (we called ourselves Euniru) and it was heaps of fun. I really wanna get cracking on my own…some time.

Oh, and to catch up, there is a huge rift between D.M. and D.P. and it’s quite sad actually what happened. I might not delve into the details, partly because I don’t know all of it (I have a feeling I know enough to have an educated opinion) and also partly because April reads this, and D.M. is sometimes at her place, and I don’t want to comment on anything in case she reads it, and also because I’d like to think I’m rather loyal towards my friends. But let me just make this clear: I am really sad that this rift happened between two such good friends. I hope they can make it up in the future, but…well…I don’t know.

I have to eat dinner now. I am glad I blogged…about stuff I already know. I thought Blogging was to share some stuff that I don’t tell other people. But see. I don’t want to do that. I only want to tell my secrets to my best friends. Lol, and maybe PostSecret, but it costs shit heaps to send a postcard to America.

De Fluffe Out.

P.S. Car- wants to call me “floof”. I don’t think she will act upon it but if she does I actually have something to put on my VCE jumper. ‘Cos putting “De Fluffe” on it is a bit sad, seeing as (as Car- put it) that nickname was “self given”.