I will get started soon

Ok so I’m ACTUALLY sitting in English class right now, and Miss E- isn’t too impressed with me.

So, I am sitting in between April and So-. So- has discovered our blogs, and she’s reading them. She laughed when she saw how I censored her name. She said, “I wonder who that is” in the most sarcastic tone possible. Now she’s laughing because she’s read what April wrote about her. Apparently, they’re losers. Anyway, go on April’s blog to read that because I haven’t read it yet.

We just watched two boring and long and arduous videos on Clickview. One was about this Freedom Ride, where kids at this Geelong school takes a bus and goes to Uluru and they learn about the Aboriginal culture and stuff. So- and I reckoned one of the guys in the video is an idiot. I mean, there was a question about “what did you think of this town?” or something, and his genius reply was, “yeah, it was, how should I put it? Dusty?”

I have convinced (or at least I’d like to think I convinced) Th- and So- to get a WordPress.

So far I have decided to do a Satire and this. Well. Satire will be fun…once I get started…thinking about it. This, on the other hand, was just a muse which I don’t see going anywhere.

Hold on, So- is trying to talk to me.

She asked me a stupid question.


Mooooooving on.

I don’t know what problem or theme I want to write about here. Apparently, you get bonus points if you include an Aboriginal problem, which is why April is now trying to change all her writing to include it. “Hey, I’ve already set mine up,” she said, but we all know she will try to get the bonus points. If she doesn’t, I will be scared. It’s true. That’s how life is. It’s kind of like, how Aboriginal people are expected not to get much out of life. Oh my god. I had a revelation. (Not)

“To blog, or not to blog,” that is what So- said.

While my satire is about an Asian family trying to assert themselves into the Australian society by acting the exact stereotypical way that most Aussies don’t, I don’t quite know how I might end it. Maybe they will realize that to belong to a society they shouldn’t try to push themselves in, but rather let the society accept them.

Perhaps my blog can be themed on the following:

I am a “student” at a smart “selective school” and in “class” we’re discussing what it means to be “Australian”. Anyway, so “I” come home and “I” write on my “blog” (aka, this blog, aha) about “my” thoughts on how it’s utterly stupid that we’re trying to define what being Australian is, when we are such a multicultural country blah. So in a sense, I am blogging as “me” as me. Well, it made sense in my head.

I think I may be able to do this. I should also stop reading aloud what I write.

Haha, I think I might do the third one as Creative, mostly because I don’t want to do a Comparative-Analysis.

Okay, Th- is trying to talk to me and I can hear sounds but I don’t quite know what she’s saying. I can hear “American, American..blah blah blah” which has nothing to do with Being Australian…


Off. I need to PEE!

De Fluffe. Out.