Final thing

This will be my last “free post” before I actually start posting my English work (because, it’s due next week, and honestly, I am a bit behind).

Ms E- just told me that I can’t really use too many slangs or colloquialism in my writing or else I will be marked down. So, when I do use it, I’ll put ‘it in inverted commas like this’. So, dear reader, don’t think I’m a stuckup butthead who’s too posh to use slang ‘cos I ain’t. This is just for a passing grade.

Oh, and I will no longer censor Sonam’s name (formally known as “So-“) because she’s gotten a WordPress (and she’s on my blogroll). I will also call Theresa by her full name (formally “Th-“) for the same reason.

Alright, back to doing my work.