Not very long

This won’t be too long a post, I do have to go soon.

I posed this question to Dani, and I shall ask it here.

Is it a characteristic of a good friend if I keep trying to get my way in and ask questions and – well, it would sound like I’m trying to be there for them but at the same time I guess I’d be giving them an “overdose” of me – generally being around all the time, or is it better if I just leave them alone?

Dani asked, put it in context.

Well I don’t really want to put it in its real context, but essentially my friend was being quiet today, and it was the sort of moody quiet. Without going into too much detail, I was sure she was pretty pissed off (for Americans who might one day read this, that’s Aussie slang for being a bit angry) at either me or in general, but because she doesn’t like people questioning that, I didn’t. However, leaving that alone only made her worse, so I wasn’t sure, and I couldn’t find the right moment to ask her properly. Before I could say anything – there was a third party there and I didn’t want to confront her with someone else there – I had to say goodbye to her and I won’t see her until tomorrow. I don’t know what the time apart would do.

I overthink things too much, so I’ve been told, so even though I am asking for help here, I have already decided to ride it out. I have to learn to do that. I can’t let things go, and I always over think situations and then jump to wrong conclusions – or say the wrong things, in the wrong tone, at the wrong time, you know how it goes – so I more or less dig myself into a huge hole.

I know I’ll lose sleep over this.

I suck so much.

Goodnight, cyberspace

De Fluffe, Out.