Subject selections

Well, I’ve left it until the last minute only to realize that there isn’t a choice in the online selection for Chinese outside of school, so, I’ve left it blank and will go to Miss D- tomorrow, after about a day of running around worried.

I’m so glad I don’t have to do Japanese anymore.

I remember writing this blog in my old blog Jalix about how shitty it was that I had to be separated from my friends because of blocking. Because for two years I’ve had nearly every class with them and suddenly I won’t really see any of them in class. I didn’t think back then that we’d still hang out. I thought that classes were the things that held us together. Well okay it kind of was. I mean this year the group dynamics changed a lot, not just for my group but for others too. I haven’t really noticed enough to make an overall comment, but groups have enlarged and split, and changed too. Sa- never hangs out with  us anymore because of her musical commitments but we’ve more or less adopted Bel- and Son-. At the start of the year we lost Julia for awhile to Sha- but she came back :).

But the reason I brought this up is because graduation is going to be a LOT more different. I mean, I might be wrong, we might all go to the same Uni more or less, but see we’ll definitely be doing different courses and at different times…unlike high school, our timetables will become flexible. So…what’s going to happen then? Would I have to make some friends who take my course, and then gradually stop contacting my current ones because…out of sight out of mind? I don’t think so. Too bad guys. I’m fighting for ya.

Bel- wants to start a band. I can’t say I am utterly excited but…I might be wrong. It might be fun. We might be mediocre. I learnt “A Lonely September” yesterday, all of it. My internet is a bit slow today so I can’t link you to the video clip but it’s a nice song and when I get the chance I’ll link you.

Oh I think I may have gotten myself more readers. Although I hope they will become commentors too. So, Car-, and when they do come on, Bee and Eu-, do comment!

Final thing. I said in a previous entry that Car- named a puppy we saw Megan. I was wrong. Apparently she didn’t. Neither of us remember what she actually named her (if she named her at all) but I apologize for “fabricating things”.

But don’t you think that Kenny is a good name for a little hairy puppy?

De Fluffe, Out.

5 thoughts on “Subject selections

  1. Why hello there!

    I did, in fact, read your blog when you sent us the link. I’m not much one for commenting just for the sake of it though. But since you asked, here I am!

    Although I’m not C, I will say that Kenny is not a good name for a puppy. Just…because.

    And stop bloody using American English. =P

  2. Aww thanks Eu- for commenting, but I see you want to remain anonymous.

    Haven’t you ever seen a tiny little puppy just asking to be called Kenny?

    [hug] cos you commented

    Oh, and, I can use American English whenever I want! It’s my blog. Maybe then Americans who read this will understand me. After all Australia is “a clone of America” or so said my English essays haha.

  3. Things change all the time. Everything happens as a direct or indirect result of another. Change is inevitable, a fact of life, etc. etc.
    I hope we never lose contact though. You’re too special. And yes, I mean it in THAT way.

    There’s nothing wrong with American English. I think I use it in my blogs too. Maybe. Whatever.

    Anyway, I’m glad my inspirationalness continues to… Inspire you. *Cough*.

    Love, me.

  4. Nah, it’s alright. I just thought I’d keep my nickname that you’ve given. But be free to use my first name, no probs.

    Heh, it’s just my personal vendetta against American English.

  5. Dial U for Vendetta.

    Haha Unus.

    You sure you don’t mind? Eunice W- is after all VERY FAMOUS!

    Sooner or later I will be censoring 2 or 3 names and that’s it.

    Is my blog enjoyable?

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