Well I knew at some point that I wouldn’t have much to write about. And today was that day.

It was a short day at school and we started classes at 9:30. I finished at 1:30. So, there wasn’t much opening for anything to happen.

I found out today that I am seriously screwed for the upcoming Japanese SAC, and that if I don’t start on my Legal soon I will be fucked for that too. On Saturday I am going out, so I won’t get time. And Sunday neither. So I have decided that before then I will get a huge crack into the work.

Mr G gave me season 2 of Smallville today so I am watching that now. So much for the crack.

I just watched this scene will Chloe tested Clark to see if he really cared about her and well he failed epically, and he “pulled the friends card”. I don’t know…relationships do complicate a lot of things. I mean, after a big misunderstanding, how could you return to being friends? Can you stay friends with an ex?

My guesses and experience says no but Chloe and Clark remained good friends. That took an enormous amount of work on Chloe’s behalf I bet.

Am I good enough a friend to be willing to put all that effort into keeping a friend? I think so. I think I will be if the need arises.

So that’s all for today. I have decided that I will be that ultimate Chloe friend, who would do ANYTHING to keep that one precious friend.

Well, not that I decided it out of the blue, but writing it makes it all that much official.

Speaking of official…

Dani referred to me as Alex in a previous comment, so I will explain it, and thus making it official.

After graduation I have decided to get people to call me “Alex”. Like, a fresh start, ya see. Some have said that it’s a stupid thing to do, that Ruy is who I am. But I am not changing the person I am, only what people call me. In time, Alex will embody what people now know as Ruyi. Is that so bad?

I am really appreciative of the people who have decided to call me Alex. Because they love me for however I am called and appear, for what I am inside.

With that note,

De Fluffe, Out.

/edit: it just occurred to me that I’ve mentioned the name change before. Sorry.