I feel bad to gloat but I seriously KNEW something like this was gonna happen and now I want to KILL HIM for making it come true! What a dickhead.

I had a pretty good day today. I met a cool chick called Carmen in my Chinese class (newcomer) and she was quite nice and easy to get along with. I felt bad though, because I didn’t talk to Ev- nor Mi- much and I think they felt neglected (as much as Ev- tried to assure me otherwise.) but next week I will make it up to them.

No idea how but maybe my presence alone is enough. Oh how narcissistic of me.

How fitting, don’t you think? Down to the scale, too!

Not much to write about today. Just the gloat, the negligence (sounds like my Legal project, WHICH I STILL HAVEN’T STARTED!) and the book.

Oh, and I said this, but…

Eunice, Carmaine, Bee, it will almost tangibly hurts me to think about how amazing, stunning (lol not slutty) and BEAUTIFUL you three will look for the formal, and to realize I can’t see you in person. (Yes I know what a stupid thing to say, why don’t I just come?? No…) So you must promise to take a LOT of photographs. I will miss you that night. It will feel like I’ve left a good half of me somewhere else.

But, but but, Sonam, Vania, don’t get too mad, I will have fun with you guys too! Wow how awkward…

De Fluffe, Out.

P.S. Can you guess yet?

7 thoughts on “A.Ha.I.Told.You.

  1. heya lex.

    you’ll be fine! you get to go see Persepolis and hot male belly dancers while we worry over our hair, make-up and how our feet are going to kill.


  2. Haha yeah Julia that’s a book cover. It came to me and I thought it fitting.

    Carmaine, I think you’ll have the time of your life, despite the feet. Oh but trust me I will too. Haha you just reminded me of the belly dancers. Now I can’t wait. Do I dare to touch one? XO

  3. Is this about that guy you were talking about today?

    Starts with M, ends with O, has five letters. Haha. I don’t know if you want to mention his name.

    I like the book cover. =) It’s so cute.

  4. Hahahahha Vania hahahhah yes that is indeed the guy, and hahah you are so subtle. Thanks.

    Dani: I’m sorry I didn’t mention you…even though, in all fairness (I know you were being sarcastic) you don’t mention me in your blog either.

    Thanks for telling me you love me. I look forward to the Martinie hug. Actually, it was D.P. who told me and not Carmaine, and I grinned very bigly (lol Eunice joke) when she told me because it was her who said it.

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