Feverish Delirium

I had the flu yesterday (I guess still do today but my kick-ass immune system finally kicked in again and I’m much better now) so I didn’t blog. I didn’t actually do anything yesterday after I came home from school early (first in my life, I swear). Luckily I didn’t lose my appetite so I had some dinner, watched Taken Out (shithouse show), kind of dazed through Australian Idol, lasted a few minutes of NCIS then hit my bed. Despite the sledgehammer in my head, I fell asleep quite quickly. At least much quicker than the nap I tried to take before dinner. That was 3 hours of lying in a bed that felt like an oven (something about a 39 degree temperature doesn’t mix well with a human body) and falling in and out of dozes. At some point my headache screamed, and I dreamt that someone actually came and kicked me in the head.

Anyway, in those initial 3 hours I had momentary dreams, some of them were images I conjured up to make myself feel better. The people that came to me in those dreams, who hugged me in my mind (as well as the 3 beautiful people who in reality texted me to wish me well) and whose laughter I held on to, I thank you. I know it sounds like a cliche movie moment, and I wasn’t dying or anything, but I felt like crap and remembering you guys made the crap go away, to put eloquently.

Finally, I want to apologize to Bee for possibly infecting her, Dani for not being there to hug her when she finally came back to school, Carmaine for failing to be by your side, and Moshi for making you do your Japanese Kaiwa early.

De Fluffe, Out.

P.S. I missed you.

4 thoughts on “Feverish Delirium

  1. It’s fine. =] You just get better ya? I do think we have swapped roles. Muhaha. Look who has the sucky immune system now.

    Not that that is a good thing..

  2. My immune system doesn’t SUCK it merely looked the other way and got hit in the face by the stupid flu virus [pout] 😛

    But thank you.

  3. You better be at school tomorrow. You owe me a week’s worth of hugs.

    P.S. I missed you too! Yes, I am assuming your post-script is directed at me.

  4. Haha it was aimed at two people, and you’re one of them so good job!

    Hey hey Monday and Tuesday and today was YOUR fault! I was only out for Wednesday! If anything YOU owe ME a week’s worth of hugs!!


    Love ya

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