“Nice belt”

It was one of those moments where life just seemed to have set up the perfect joke, but no one was really around to hear and share it with you.

From Vania’s blog you would’ve read that Tif- found this joke funny:

What did 0 say to the 8?

Nice belt.

Well today I was in the car and I heard Hamish and Andy, and one of them (I can’t bet on it but I think it was Andy) was prank calling someone and applying for a job as Santa Claus. But he sounded REALLY depressed and boring. Anyway, to “pass” for the requirement, he said,

“I have this joke that my neices and nephew find funny. Okay, so ‘what did 0 say to the 8?'”

And I stopped. And I smiled. And at the same time as Andy I recited,

“‘Nice belt.'”

Ah perfect moments ruined by my mom not understanding why I was laughing.

On a more somber note:

R.I.P. Mrs Kent


Get well soon my beloved Dani. You scared me buddy! Don’t do it again! Take care of yourself, seriously!

You made me think about things. And you know I hate to think.

De Fluffe, Out.

P.S. Tomorrow’s the big day! Not that I’m going but I’m a bit tempted now.

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