Comfortable silence

Before I explain my title…

Last night I borrowed Jo’s Facebook password (much to the distain of Jess since she’s been trying to convince me to get Facebook and my wanting to see formal pictures was one of her greatest leverages) and I found a bunch of pictures of my beloveds.

After talking to Cat- today about the masses of AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL photographs I saw, and how “I have hot friends!” her reply was:

“Yeah, formal does that to people.”

Also, I’ve changed at the last minute my topic for my Legal Studies essay. So after I post this I am going to haul ass and finish my Proposal, and then work on my essay.

Alright, so, the comfortable silence bit.

Carmaine and I don’t talk much on MSN (nor the phone, but that was one medium I gave up on because we just text when we have to) and sometimes when she’s on I would pester her to talk to me. I asked her why she doesn’t want to talk to me online and she replied that it was because she didn’t have anything to say, and she didn’t mind just sitting there in comfortable silence, just having the other’s presence around. It was the same when we’re in person sometimes (except I can’t off the top of my head at the moment remember any conversation we had when we were in person, where we were in comfortable silence and then slip into casual talk). I don’t notice it as much when we’re in person because she’s usually sitting right there so her physical presense I am ware of, but online it’s different, of course.

Anyway, I do have a point. Today Ev- skipped Maths and we sat together just outside the school hanging out and talking. Except (partly because of a small headache as a residue reminder of my flu and partly because of lack of topics) she kept on asking me to talk talk talk. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t mind, and I always thought of something to say, something to ask her about. But her wanting to keep the conversation going just reminded me of how much I want to keep talking to Carmaine online. The thing is, with Ev- it didn’t really matter that I didn’t talk much to her because I just liked sitting there in her presence and relaxing. So it’s the same deal with Carmaine. I don’t have to keep talking to let her know that I’m still existing, and unless there’s something to talk about then why keep trying?

Of course I know the difference between a good silence and a bad silence, so I won’t keep my trap shut at the wrong times!

So that’s my blog for today. I haven’t become a better person per se (or as Stoner put it “per say”) but I think I’m just less annoying now. Haha……

De Fluffe, Out.

P.S. I have 5 Minutes To Midnight stuck in my head and Carmaine is talking about organizing a party for NY. Hehe. It’s just kind of fitting.

“And when the clock strikes twelve
Will you find another boy to go and kiss and tell?
Cause you know I never will
I think we should strike a match
We’ll hold it to the wind to and see how long it lasts
We can make the time stand still.”

5 Minutes To Midnight – Boys Like Girls