The reason that I haven’t blogged the past few days, and probably won’t blog the new few days, is because my internet actually capped. I hadn’t been keeping count of my usage and yeah I’m now crawling along at 28.8kb/s AGAIN (I capped last month too, but that was because I uploaded pictures for Carmaine to her Facebook).

It takes aaaaaaaages to bloody open the Write page, so I can’t be bothered. I’m just managing to keep my anger in check opening my Gmail as it is.

So no updates until 1st Nov, it would seem.

But, since I’m on here already…

Today I had my English exam. There were 3 parts to it, the first a text analysis, the second a language analysis and the third an opinion piece on the same topic as the language analysis. The text was The Handmaid’s Tale (piece of crap that’s FINALLY BEHIND ME) the language analysis was on marijuana and students being treated harshly for using it. I don’t know what my marks will be, because thinking back, doing the post mortem, I’m getting a bit iffy at my answers. But. What is done is done is done. Besides I’m luckier than some. The topics we got for the exam were rather ambiguous and weren’t as popular as the ones we’d expected. It was lucky I had a good knowledge of the Historical Notes or else I’d be up the creek with no paddle, no canoe, no life jacket and no quips.

And I’m also lucky in the sense that apart from my Multimedia exam on Nov 7th, something I’m really not too fussed about despite it being my 3/4, I don’t have any more exams. Alrighty.

So, good luck to Carmaine who is staying from 8:30 to 4:30 tomorrow for her 3 exams, and to Eunice with her Psychology and Methods, all of them 3/4, and her other exams, and to Bee for her History, Psych and Philosophy. (I’m sure you have other classes I just…blah you know, good luck).

Good luck to others as well!

De Fluffe, Out.

The 2nd Part of the Last Day

Where was I?

Oh, right before I go any further, I should acknowledge that all my pictures are thanks to Carmaine and her Facebook. Yes. I just thanked Facebook. Dignity down the drain there.

11D’s theme (11D being Bee’s form) was Kids. But I have to give a big cheer to Gif- and Ani- because they took the concept to a whole new level..or should I say a whole unborn level? (ba-boom-chi…gawd…)

After consuming more than a “fair share” of sugar, many many more photos were taken. I actually took a lot more photos than I was in: “Hey Ruyi can you take this for me?” “Hey can you take my camera?” “Zomg this is so funny I have to have a picture of this, Ruyi can you take it?” but truth be told after seeing the pictures I hardly cared because there were some beauties in there.

Then there was that incident when Eunice handcuffed me behind my back. I managed to wriggle my hands to my front (Carmaine missed the photo opportunity but, even if I do say so myself, I was rather ingenious in my escape). But then when I pretended to be shot down by Dani they bloody..bullied..me…

Erm, since I’ve been putting a lot of pictures on here, I’ll fast forward a bit.

After the day finished (oh, yeah! Huey got DUX! Go her, she deserves it so bloody much! Worked really hard.) Eunice left early to go to an interview (she changed, so she wasn’t wearing the stuff you saw in the pictures) and Bee, Carmaine, Dani and I went to Dani’s apartment. Andrew (wait, do I censor his name? Oh bloody hell who cares) was there, and when he opened the door Eater, Dani’s puppy, shot out! We managed to coax him back into the apartment. We sat around for a while, and Eater molested Bee’s toes a bit, then we went downstairs, and shopped on Clarendon St a bit. WE SAW HAMISH AND ANDY’S CARAVAN OF COURAGE so we took a picture “with it, not in it” (the manager’s words).

We found D.P. at Melbourne Central after we left the apartment and went there so forth. Blah I’m not doing very well in my sentences today. We got lunch, and took the train home. Said bye to Carmaine at the station, and my mom drove D.P. Dani, Bee and I home. D.P. and Dani played pool while I showered, then Bee arrived after being “confused, not lost”. Carmaine came shortly after that, as we’ve started cooking a little. We cooked, we ate, we started Love Actually. Eunice arrived 10 minutes in.

Because I was constantly getting up as the host to take bowls, cups, so forth, I didn’t engross myself into the movie too much (except for my favorite bits). I noticed how different my friends can be when they’re doing different things. At school we’re in an environment that doesn’t ask for too much of our personality to shine through, really. For example, during the movie, Eunice is the person who always aw’s and ah’s and says, “THIS IS THE BEST BIT!” then quickly shushes everyone for agreeing. Ah, I don’t want that to sound mean. I didn’t mean for that to be mean, by the way. Bee is the kind who starts quiet, but as she gets into the movie and starts loving the characters, she would squeak and moan and shout “YOU SUCK!” along with appropriate moments. D.P…cried. Haha…and I laugh like a parent would laugh at their kid snubbing their nose into a tree. D.P. cried when the guy went to Keira Knightley’s house and held up those signs confessing his love for her. Dani was extremely quiet, but I think that was mostly because she was suffering from hayfever (again, it’s like snubbing a nose in a tree to me). Carmaine was making remarks about all the going ons, like “Oh he’s so cute!” “Wow he’s got a hot body!” “Aw that Mia’s a bitch!” (Not exact words she said) and I wasn’t quite sure what I did. But it was extremely entertaining and fun to watch people I know so well doing such everyday things.

D.P. left after we watched Love Actually, and the other 5 of us migrated to my lounge room and we watched Bubble Boy (with Jake Gylenhaarrrr starring). By then we were more subdued, even though the photos didn’t show it

It’s startling how much alike we both look in that one, Dani. (Not literally twinnish alike, but just our composure)

After Bubble Boy we had a bit of a sleepy snuggle (nothing gay but) and there was a bit when I thought I heard someone say “I can feel a penis”. As jokes would go, Carmaine said that the penis was mine (har de fucking har, Carm) and I quoted from Bubble Boy – when Jimmy had a hardon and started reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to relieve it – “I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO AMERICA…!”

I like having good timing like that. I think that’s what separates a funny person from a slightly rude person. Apart from me sounding like I’m kissing my own ass, I mean it. Really funny moments are perfectly timed, perfectly executed, with perfect wording.

Julia has been waiting for about an hour now so I’ll wrap this up.

It’s was a good day. A good hard long day but I loved it. I love my Angels (aww at least let me get to call you guys that) and I love my Dani. (The toy dog, thanks to Viv my KK, is Dani’s replacement boyfriend seeing as she missed Andrew but he wasn’t there. I called him Tony until I tweaked on how awkward that is.)

De Fluffe, Out.

P.S. Shit, tagging.

Last day!

Ergh I’ve been slacking off…

Well alright to catchup:

Yesterday was the last official day for Yr 11’s and we had a day of activities. Last year it was a really warm day when we did it (it was also a whole month later) so this year we froze our butts off and also had a rather gloomy morning and I was worried, afraid, half expecting this year to be crapper than last year. Plus we had a bunch of…”stalls” which I thought was rather lame. Until it happened.

I guess the entire year level had a sort of “we should just go nuts” idea and everyone was running around going to all the stalls. My class had the face painting and we (my group, so, if I remember correctly, Julia, Vania, April, Tif- Sonam and I) took the second shift to draw crap on people’s faces. In my 20 minute shift (which stretched to over 30 mins due to popular demand. Har.) I drew countless love hearts on faces, wrote countless initial + inital ’08 on legs (awkward position, let me tell you now), and had about 2 people yell at me for SLIGHTLY fucking up. Oh and I’ve had a compliment on my singing whiile I was drawing. Thank yee.

I loved 11J’s stall a lot. Donut on a string. What more embarrassment could there be?

Oh, since that was actually the first picture of a person I posted on here, I think I should specify that’s not me. I’ll say when it’s me.

Our class’s theme was fairies and elves. I didn’t really..do either. I showed up late. So in the end I’m not in the class photo. Which is a pity.

11A had Cops and Robbers. Carmaine was a robber. Eunice was a cop. So was Dani and D.P. There were some good photos that came out of that.

Ah, the oppression of being a kid. I have a chore i have to do soon. I will cut off this here, and finish off my blog later, as a Part 2.

De Fluffe, Out

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

(My internet is, for some reason, being particularly slow today, so I apologize if that’s not the actual trailer, seeing as I didn’t watch it to ascertain its accuracy.)

It was really really confusing at the start becaues the timeline was all jumbled up but I got it towards the end and it was, it really was rather sad. Jim Carrey wasn’t really…Jim Carrey, like not like the Grinch or the Mask or so forth. He was really serious. So I liked it quite a lot and I can watch it again and again to try to understand the meaning behind all those things.

De Fluffe, Out.



What I originally wrote here I’ve taken out.

I don’t usually do this.

But I am deeply ashamed of what I wrote.

The rest of the entry remains the same.

– D.F. 21/10/08 10:43 pm

Can’t wait ’til Friday.

Elf? Elf? Okay maybe not so much anymore. ELF?!

De Fluffe, Out.

While you were away…

Today April was away sick so she asked me to write down notes for her. I got lazy and decided to kill two birds with one blog.

Dear April,

[insert inappropriate and personal jokes here…you know what I mean]

It was really cold when we walked to school today. It was rather windy at the crosslights near the cafe’s and standing there was a pain. I had a free first period and I sat next to Vania in the library. But would you believe? Ayo- came to visit today, decked out in her Wesley uniform. She stuck out so much, because she was so purple!

In Period 2 I had VisCom, and I finished making the model of the retarded chair I designed. It is a pity, because today’s lunchtime was the last lunchtime you could go see the art festival things. So you missed out on seeing them. Unless you went before? I don’t know…

In Period 3 was the lovely Japanese. We had tango (yes we still keep going. We still. Keep. Fucking. Going.) and I copied off Nay- so s’all good. Then we had…detailed studies. So I don’t know what you’re going to do. I don’t know what he went through exactly probably just refining script and ideas and so forth. Well anyway the HIGHLIGHT is actually while everyone was doing their detailed studies I went to the front of the class and I started drawing some ideas for our T-shirt design. Nay- and I have sort of agreed on one design so we’ll need to pitch it to the class. It just says “I AM” on the front, and on the back you have your own name large, and then the class list underneath, and 2006 – 2009 under that.

After that we had recess. I brought Sonam’s cake, but forgot the knife! Well noone told me. And serviettes too. So it was lucky that Bel the gun had serviettes in her locker from another party, and I borrowed a knife from the staffroom. Not before sounding rather homicidal as I ran around the school muttering to myself, “I need a knife I need a knife I need a knife.” We cut up and served the cakes. It was yummy. Sonam opened her pressies (photo frame and Borders voucher but you would know that) and I ate some of Jen N’s cookies.

Now, I don’t know if you knew about this, but originally they were going to cancel the last House assemblies in place of singing rehearsals. Well, the House captains were totally pissed because it IS the last assembly, so there was this secret revolt thing going around where everyone has decided to boycott rehearsals and just up and leave when General Assembly is over. Unfortunately – I say unfortunately because the revolt would probably be the most exciting thing this year, and maybe even go down in MacRob’s “Underworld” History – the teachers must’ve caught wind of this, because in Period 1 we received message that singing rehearsals will be moved to after recess, and there will be no Form. Yr 9’s and 10’s get an extra 10 minutes of recess. So, in the end we had all 3 events.

In Oreads, we watched the House awards get handed out, and we watched as this year’s captains handed the baton to Rish- and Jam. (Ha Rish. I still have to tell Bee. It’s still funny.) I don’t know what happened in Nereids. Annie was in our House assembly, and it took me a whole 5 minutes before I said, “Hey you’re not in Oreads!” Goes to show my House spirit eh. Bee sat with me. I think Carmaine and Eunice went to their own Houses for once.

At lunch, it was a really short lunch too, felt like, we sat around, Julia, Vania, Sonam, Tiffany, Annie and I. We talked, and bell rang. It was boring.

We had English, and we went over how to analyze pictures. Everyone was so half-assed! Sonam and I, without your wonderful guidance, managed to completely misinterpret one picture. I got the 2nd one right! I took some sheets for you, by the by. Tomorrow we’ll be talking about Point Of View. And then we’re on our own. Screwed!

Then I had double Legal. Well. We watched “America’s Hardest Prisons” and Mr G brought chocolates and as I said in the text, Carmaine had 4 and started being rather high. I gave her a shoulder massage which apparently wasn’t bad, so I will actually research how to give proper ones now that will kick ass! Well I have to. Did I mention to you about the booklet to Bee? I wanted to give her something sweet and cute, so I made one of those crappy coupon booklets with “good for one hug” sort of thing. In it I included “good for one shoulder massage” so I actually should learn how to do it.

On the way back home I sat with Bee and Nat. We talked about those WorkSafe ads, and just Yr 12 in general (at least I think I did. I can’t for the life of me remember exactly what we talked about).

Dani wasn’t at school today. Nor was D.P. Bo-, D.P. and anyone doing 2nd Language Chinese had their orals today.

Oh final notes!

We had the English competition results in. I can’t believe it, but you didn’t win the prize! I was totally set on getting up there in your place and saying “April couldn’t be here today…” but I’m pretty certain you got a HD. GEE! GEE GOT A PRIZE! Bee was so sooking because “maths and science are Gee’s thing! ENGLISH IS MY THING!”

I don’t know what I got for my writing. I definitely didn’t get an award because there were no award winners. But fingers crossed for HD yeah?

Finally, you were lucky not to have been there during singing, because Endearing Brute was in a foul mood, and she made the microphone shriek so loud everyone cringed. Oh and I sat next to Tif- who had no idea what the words were in the medley. Bel won a medal for Chess and Mr Webber pronounced Carmaine’s name as “Carmen Een”. I laughed. Clearly.

De Fluffe, Out.

Emotionally Retarded

I found a file lodged in my cyber folder today, and it was a sort of apology letter to someone from Brentwood that I wrote when I was in Yr 8.

I was so incredibly emotionally retarded.

Here is the apology letter, more or less (the only changes I made are censoring of names):

Hey R-.
Ok, the reason I’m writing this on Notepad is coz i’m not on the Net.
Now, firstly, i wanna say, don’t close this file coz it’s plenty important.
Ok, second thing is hopefully this IS rachael reading this and not M-or H- or somebody. if it is please call r- to the computer.
Finally, i’ll say that this is an apology note.

Ok, now, my internet is v slow so that’s why i’m writing it on notepad first.

Firstly, i wanna say sorry bout calling you a sissy or prissy on Monday. I mean, that IS why you’re mad, right? OK, i’m really sorry about that, seriously, and please stop ignoring me coz it makes me feel bad and i don’t like to feel bad. (how selfish of me)

Next, i’m sorry about the j-/g-/footy team thing, because you’re right; it is mean. and i sure as hell wouldn’t want you or anybody to say that to me, and you don’t deserve it either. heck, you deserve it less than me coz you’re so nice to me. Hmm, did that sound a little bit soppy?

Anyways, lastly i wanna say sorry for being such a crappy friend. I am. I am always mean to you and i never treat you like I want to be treated, and yet you still treat me nicely. That’s not fair for you. And see, i’m such a crappy friend that i’m making you read this sorry note like this. In fact, i’m surprised you still consider me as a friend, I am truly lucky, too lucky.

Ok, that was it. Oh and i’m sorry for any mean things i will do in the future, because i probably won’t realize it until it’s too late. By that i mean i’ll have left the school.

And please don’t mention this at school coz you know me, i ain’t an emotional person and this is plenty emotional. Just reply thru email, yeah? yeah? good.

oH one last thing: i swear to god i’ll never bag you ever again. Or at least i’ll rilly try, ok?

Sincerely (i know that pisses you off)

PS: we still friends?

pps: by the time you read this, maybe it’s already next week (today’s wednesday), so yeah….maybe we’re friends again by then, but chances are no.

ppps: this file is called school thing coz i don want my oldies to read this. so yeah…lol.

Apart from the clear indication of half-assed-ness in just about every second word, I read that and I wonder, how the hell did I possibly expect R- to forgive me? Yet I know she did.

So there it is, I was a complete emotional retard a few years back. I don’t know why – or maybe I subconsciously do – but certain things that happened during my 2 years at Brentwood I try to cover up. I know it’s foul of me to do, there are incredible people and friends that I met and made during those 2 years, but when I look back all I can remember are the moments where I have to cringe, eg that letter, and when I wanted to hit myself.

De Fluffe, Out.

20 Sentences

(I’m back.)

In Year 9, Dani did this thing on her blog where she wrote 20 sentences to 20 people in her life, keeping all of the identities anonymous.

Well, I think it’s been long enough since then for me to do the same thing without it seeming like I’m copying her. So here they are in no particular order…

Don’t worry about the risks, just do what you want for your gap year.

I know you hate it, but please stay the way you are forever.

You’re the kindest and most genuine person I know, and I’ve only met you once.

I’m sorry for always picking on you, but without you camp would’ve been unbearable.

In just 9 months you’ve changed her life; I bow down to you.

I miss you; I hate myself for letting us drift.

I want to wrap you in my arms and shoot anything that so much as dares to eye you funny.

Throughout the dramas of your life, to me you’re still the clean pure flower you were when I met you.

We’re very different people but thanks for letting me be your friend anyway.

For what it’s worth, it only hurts this much because I care.

You’re meant for greater things.

I don’t believe you’re really as dumb as you act.

If the size of one’s hair is any measurement of the size of one’s capacity to love, then your friends are very lucky people indeed.

“If she dies, then my heart dies with her.”

You’re one of the blessings in my life I will never learn to appreciate.

You don’t understand me quite often, but I know you try to.

You still haven’t answered my question!

I’ll miss your presence when you’re gone (so email me dammit)!

If someone asks me, “in whose arms do you feel the safest?” I’d probably say you.

With that attitude…good luck.

And, just because I threatened to…

Last night I went to bed early for a Friday night, and was woken up after just drifting off by my mobile. Bee had texted me saying that Nanny McPhee was great (it was just on TV). I replied, “so was dreamland. Goodnight babe <3”. She replied with a cheerful “Sweet dreams darling.” Just ask I turned over and closed my eyes again. Today I called her after she’d texted me saying that while she was out for a walk she’d received a car hoot from a passing male driver (woot for my sexy Bee bahaha), and I brought up the topic of her waking me up. She paused, and said, “oh. I thought ‘dreamland’ was a movie you were referring to.” I asked her, through hard laughter, “Have you ever heard of a movie called Dreamland? There is no ‘Dreamland The Movie’ and if I said ‘goodnight’ after it what you do THINK I meant?”

I know it’s not that funny. But Bee didn’t want me to blog about it so I have.

Thus concludes my return to blogging. A lot has happened this past month. A lot will happen in the one coming up. I can’t wait!

De Fluffe, Out.

P.S. Bee, do you appreciate my tags?