The reason that I haven’t blogged the past few days, and probably won’t blog the new few days, is because my internet actually capped. I hadn’t been keeping count of my usage and yeah I’m now crawling along at 28.8kb/s AGAIN (I capped last month too, but that was because I uploaded pictures for Carmaine to her Facebook).

It takes aaaaaaaages to bloody open the Write page, so I can’t be bothered. I’m just managing to keep my anger in check opening my Gmail as it is.

So no updates until 1st Nov, it would seem.

But, since I’m on here already…

Today I had my English exam. There were 3 parts to it, the first a text analysis, the second a language analysis and the third an opinion piece on the same topic as the language analysis. The text was The Handmaid’s Tale (piece of crap that’s FINALLY BEHIND ME) the language analysis was on marijuana and students being treated harshly for using it. I don’t know what my marks will be, because thinking back, doing the post mortem, I’m getting a bit iffy at my answers. But. What is done is done is done. Besides I’m luckier than some. The topics we got for the exam were rather ambiguous and weren’t as popular as the ones we’d expected. It was lucky I had a good knowledge of the Historical Notes or else I’d be up the creek with no paddle, no canoe, no life jacket and no quips.

And I’m also lucky in the sense that apart from my Multimedia exam on Nov 7th, something I’m really not too fussed about despite it being my 3/4, I don’t have any more exams. Alrighty.

So, good luck to Carmaine who is staying from 8:30 to 4:30 tomorrow for her 3 exams, and to Eunice with her Psychology and Methods, all of them 3/4, and her other exams, and to Bee for her History, Psych and Philosophy. (I’m sure you have other classes I just…blah you know, good luck).

Good luck to others as well!

De Fluffe, Out.

8 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. gosh i hate it when i’m capped
    didn’t know what else to comment on this blog ..
    so yeah : )
    good luck for exams ..
    besides chinese/vet
    which technically dont count since they’re low-stress subjects



  2. It probably is a bug. Mozzies are coming back. People with our blood, that is, Shangy and such delicious blood (so I was watching Vampire Knight this morning…) are more attractive to mozzies. Apparently so was your butt.

  3. baha
    i’d rather a sexy vampire bite my butt than a bug anyday πŸ™‚
    but hey, we can’t all have what we want

  4. Ok, hon, just veering into slightly disturbing territory now…

    See, I want a vampire to bite me on the NECK. But is just so…undignified.

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