Why do I like Dexter so much?

Is it the gore and the corpses, and such?

No. “Saw” provides even more of that, and apart from the 2nd movie I don’t really like them as much as I do Dexter. Or, to be more precise, I connect much better with Dexter.


I guess the idea of someone who gets rid of the bad people in life, the people who, dare I say, deserves it. Of having to hide it from the people around them not in fear of what they might think of him, but because he knows they won’t understand. Of not having any emotions attached (well, it changes in the later episodes but I’m talking about the initial ones). Of just being that powerful and being that able, but not craving the power.

I remember saying to someone, I like it because I can relate to that. The only difference between Dexter and me, and perhaps the most important and what separates me from being a serial killer (har) is that I do have people I care about. So, you’d think, wouldn’t that mean I’d have more motivation to protect them? Yes, but also those people have a different set of morals to me. If they find out that I kill people, even if they are bad people, then they will distance themselves from me. And the thing is, I can’t have that.

But, if I ever do have to kill someone to save their life…

De Fluffe, Out.

“The voices are back…good.”

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