10. Viewed

Today was Melbourne Cup Day. It was the “race that stops the nation”. So was F1 Grand Prix. And they’re both in Melbourne. It’s kind of funny that the entire state gets a day off for a bunch of horses, but not cars. Well, my school does for both, but that’s because it’s too close to the Grand Prix for classes to be able to run without people NOT HEARING ANYTHING!


I went over to Bee’s house because she was holding a family friend sort of party for Melb Cup, but Carmaine and I (and Eunice, who couldn’t show) were invited because Bianca usually felt rather left out because no one is her age.

I arrived early and helped “set up” some things but mostly I just prepared a salad. We sat around and Greg, Bianca’s brother, and I bullied Bianca by hitting a balloon at her. Carmaine showed up later than she’d said she would, and then we waited for about 1 1/2 hours before people started showing up.

Bianca, your family friends are all so pretty! Goan (sp?) people are really awesome. They’re so friendly and happy and smiley, and yeah it was rather…shocking when Christine your aunt greeted Carmaine and me, and she said, “oh yes I’ve seen pictures.” What do you get up to, woman, when we’re not there?!

We played Wii for most of the day. Mario Kart and the shaking thing game. I never caught the name. I didn’t like the shaking game because – no, not because I am uncoordinated – the Wii remote doesn’t register properly. And Mario Kart is way better on DS.

Okay, the reason I titled this 10. Viewed is this:

Well, for those who bothered to watch, number 10 horse, Viewed, won the Emirates.

At the party they did a sweeps thing, where everyone put in 2 dollars and drew a horse out of a hat, randomly. Bianca chipped for my 2 dollars since she didn’t tell neither Carmaine nor I that we had to bring money. So all together the pool was about 40-something dollars.

When the race was running, we kids were watching it in the other room from the adults. It was boring at the start because nothing was really happening, and there was one horse that was leading but we couldn’t see the number. Then the names came up across the bottom, and Bee’s and Greg’s horses were on there. So they started screaming and shouting abuses at each other as their horses went neck and neck. I couldn’t find my horse and Carmaine’s horse, Profound Beauty, was absolutely nowhere to be seen (but that Carmaine drew a horse named as such was rather amusing to me). Then, in the last few moments, a horse broke from the pack and started chasing the leader. We all started the “wo….aaaahhhhhhhh” as the two horses all ran to the finish. I said that the inside horse won, but it was down to a photo finish. And yes the inside horse won.

Bianca asked me, “what did you get?” I said, “I couldn’t find my horse.”

Then, on the screen we saw a jockey with “10” and I said, “hey, that’s my horse.”

Then I saw the jockey pumping his arms.

Well, so I left Bee’s house today with sandwiches, pastries, biscuits, juice and apple crumble in my stomach, and holding a small box of coins and notes, totalling 40-something dollars.

It was funny when we went to the next room with the adults, and everyone was yelling “who drew 10?” And I put my hand up, and they all turned to look at me, and apart from Carmaine, I was the only non-Goan there. It was daunting when all the males kind of stared at me but hey I won 40-something dollars.

It was a fun day, to be able to play with kids again and scream at the video game and drink red juice (apple, cranberry and pomegranate. Very very tasty. And Bee got a bit funny after drinking champagne).

De Fluffe, Out.

P.S. Carmaine and Bianca, you both looked very pretty today.

6 thoughts on “10. Viewed

  1. Thank you 🙂

    I hope you enjoyed yourself. I was a bit worried you might have felt a little out of place.

    Goan is spelt right.

    I was just happy! Not drunk. You implied it.

  2. sounds like you guys had fun 😀
    i wonder if Goan males are hot ..
    LOL ;]


    Lex: Do you have photos from today ? I want to see pictures !

  3. you were very sensitive and snipey today.

    you hardly ate anything! i swear that you are a combo of ano and bulimic.

  4. Carmaine took some pictures, D.P.

    Lol Carmaine, I don’t throw up so I can’t really be bulimic. I just wasn’t feeling very well yesterday (which is an overused and lame excuse but it’s all I’ve got). Sorry about being snipey. I was out of line a couple of times.

  5. D.P. – YES!! ^^ so much love! lol..and lovin. Some Goan guys are hot..I know these three brothers.. (one of them has an eng accent!) but they know they’re hot too. but all Goan guys are short! Well, fairly short. Tall enough for me ^^ yay! However..if I marry a Goan guy..he has to be out of the whole “Goan network” and he has to be able to eat western cooking. I am not cooking curries. No joke. I am NOT chopping onions because I will not eat them later and I can’t stand the burning tears. The pain is soo not worth it.

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