At Ease!

And so today, at 5:15 pm, I have officially finished ALL assessed work, for this year.

I had my VET MultiMedia exam. I swear VET subjects are more lax. I mean, the examiners came in 5 minutes before the exam started to upload the server on which we were to do our exams. Then, 5 of us didn’t have anywhere to sit, so we had to sort out that confusion.

So, post mortem aside, that’s that. Done. No more. I can rest, I can put my mind at ease, and just worry about being a teenager, and enjoying my last few weeks before I have to be a Responsible Student, followed by a Responsible Adult.

Hahaha, howzzat? By the time I get my results and gauge how I am doing as a Responsible Student, I’d be considered a legal adult. That, my friend, is exciting.

So, I bid luck to all those who STILL HAVE EXAMS LEFT!

De Fluffe, Out.