New Header Image

I’m not trying to insult your ability to notice things, because I know the moment you came onto the page you probably noticed something different, and a moment later tweaked that it was the header image. For those who actually…didn’t, the old picture was the lower half of my face and now it’s…


Before I explain the picture, I have to just have a moment of sentimentality and say that the header image contains the 3 people in my life (plus me) who I hold closest and dearest. That is not to say that I love Eunice, Bianca and Carmaine’s crotch. Even though there is nothing wrong with Carmaine’s crotch (digging…) I actually meant the owner of said crotch, i.e. Carmaine.

What had happened was, back in September in the holidays, BRuCE had their picture taken after having planned it for several months but events kept on making us put it off. Events such as bad haircuts and Carmaine’s period of The Chipmunk due to the removal of 3 or 4 wisdom teeth – and, yes, all no-wisdom jokes have been done, and funny chipmunk/human pictures have been drawn and seen – so in the end I put my foot down and said we have to get it done before the weather turns too warm and I look like I just stepped out of the shower in the utmost non-sexy way possible.

Now, I don’t actually recall if I already blogged about that day. But, in one instance while Andrew was cooking BBQ for us, we were all lying down on a picnic table, and asked Dani to take a picture of us lying there. Dani took one look, and said, “Carmaine, would you like to turn around so that you’re facing the same way as the other three?” Carmaine replied, “No.” So, being obedient as she is, Dani took a picture of the three of us and the Crotch.

Finally, I decided that I can brave whatever consequences Carmaine may bestow upon me when she sees the picture, and put it on here. I really do like the way our expressions were captured (bar Carmaine’s of course. Hell, I’d be dumb to make a joke about expressive crotches). Eunice and I were laughing especially hard because we could see what was happening, but the confused smile on BIanca’s face is priceless.

Anyway, I hope the little ditty has cheered you up, whoever you are.

De Fluffe, Out.