Happy Birthday Part 2

It was a great day, and you looked stunning! The dress that you made yourself was really good, and the overall day was fantastic. Everyone laughed, and I know that everyone had a good time.

It was sunny, it was cool, there was Wii, there was a mass orgy in your bedroom (haha!), there was great food, we had some good jokes, and you smiled a lot which meant you had FUN! You took lots of pictures, everyone took lots of pictures, I got punched in the face, I got sat on (I didn’t mind, despite my loud protests), and I had a good laugh at everyone’s expense (especially D.P., that girl cracks me up).

So, once again, happy 17th birthday dearest Carmaine! I’m sad to think now that the next time I see you may be the last for this year (because on the 31st clearly you’ll be doing something with your family, and then it’ll be 2009).



10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Part 2

  1. so you thought it was ok? coooolies.

    love you ruyi!

    i need a name for dani pu’s creation…

    eg. male toilet sign. dani pu and i agree that is what he looks like.

    and everyone loves the sunnies you got me. 🙂

  2. Oh I thought we already agreed that the doll was a Carmaine Voodoo doll so should we call it “Botox”?


    Well of course they love it it looks great on you. And plus you were the one who’d picked it (but for my sake, let’s say I had good intuition.)

  3. No, didn’t she get a strike in bowling. At least one?! I was sure she did. She did suck at boxing though.

  4. i did not suck at baseball !
    i swear i improved .
    besides, eu- is just saying that because she wants to brag about beating me ONCE .
    it was only ONCE .
    in case you didn’t get that the first time, she beat me ONCE .

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