Waking The Past

Yesterday and today, 3 people who I haven’t spoken to in a while suddenly struck up conversation again. They ranged from a guy who I was friends with in Thailand, 10 years ago, who now lives in Canada, to someone I saw back in July.

Talking to all three of them, it actually surprised me how much they’ve changed. The 2nd person, girl from my old school, now have dreams and things that she wants to do, and when she was telling me this, I realized that I could actually give proper advice and voice mature opinions (she’d said herself that I’ve matured from the little silly “Homer” (in joke) that I was before). The Canadian guy is really easy to get along with, which was surprising because when I was younger he was a bit of an outcast. I don’t think he really remembers much about those days but now, he’s a pretty cool guy who made the effort to contact me and talk to me again. Finally, the guy from back in July and I talked a lot about personal issues, and he really made me realize that not all guys are pricks (he said so himself, and now I believe him) and I was wrong about the way I’d viewed him. I used to think he was strange, but now maybe that strange is not so bad.

All three of them said that I have opinions and views that are really different from the way the people they usually hang out with think. So that proves I’m strange as well. Strangeness is good.

So now I think that I should maybe revisit some past ghosts, reopen some cold cases, so to speak. Even if I may have ended things on a bad note with them, or have grown distant and cold, it might still be worth it.

I’m really proud that I have such a stable view of myself, and I am sure about what my personality is. I am proud to be able to tell people about my friends, and I am very proud when they tell me that I’ve matured. At least I’m not brainless.

De Fluffe, Out.