New categories

3 updates in a day, wow, what, I’m turning into Vania?

I’m just letting people know in case they don’t notice much about my blogs except my actual entries (which is totally cool I mean I really appreciate the people who actually come regularly and check my updates and read them, even though they don’t comment. I know you’re doing that, because I’m getting some hits anyway, and unless D.P. really needs something else to do then yeah people are coming, which is “alsome”), I’ve decided to follow Vania’s example (oh hey, hey look at that, I am turning into her) and I’m making more catergories.

Before now I had “Personal” and “School” which, although sad, pretty much summed up my life…but now I decided to make more sub-categories so you’ll notice that from now on there’ll be blogs under “Personal” AND “Muses” which would mostly indicate that it was a thought I had about something, or an opinion or so forth. You’ll notice that I’ll occasionally blog under “Social Life” so fingers crossed that category won’t become redundant. I’m sure “Friends and love” will become huge (I don’t think I’d go so far as making category clouds and judging their sizes but) and Stuff-that-happened will probably be just my recounting of events.

Aaaaaaand I just bored you into a coma. Excellent.


Shit I need to make a category for “stuff-I-did-to-my-blog-and-wanted-to-tell-people-about-it”…

De Fluffe, Out, again.


I got sunburnt on my nose (well, I’d’ve gotten sunburnt all over my face but my hair, once again, protected a good portion of the left side of my face) and it’s peeling. Does anyone have any natural/organic solutions/hints/suggestions to help cure the peeling?

I ask for natural solutions because I am allergic to nearly everything under the sun (oh har), skin-wise, on my face. The moisturizer I use doesn’t smell like anything. I hardly even use sunscreen (oh hey).

So I’m putting it out there, beauty tips for me! What should I do? What is your remedy?

De Fluffe, Out (apparently in the sun for too long)

Make An Effort

It’s not going to get better unless you make an effort.

In fact it’s already gotten worse than you realize.

I’ve tried so hard, and it’s not much of an incentive to keep getting knocked back. You’ve said that you’d push us away if we kept on smothering you…I’ll have to push you away if everytime I pull you lash.

You need to make that effort. You need to open up. You need to really open your eyes and see what’s happening.

I love you, I really do. Let me show it.