“Pain Is My Friend”

Yesterday Bee said that she liked pain, because after the initial shock it…something-something, but it made me nervous because it was a rather masochistic monologue.

Today she called me to tell me that her brother managed to, while skating and being “over-confident”, fall backwards and break both bones in his left wrist. He has to have surgery. That’s 6 weeks of summer holiday ruined. Poor dude. According to Bianca, it was excruciating pain.

I think about that, and I wonder if I really do have a tolerance for pain. I haven’t really broken much except some flesh wound when I fell off a bike onto gravel (not fun) and my heart (haha). I mean, I am aware that in everyday life I say “ow” to rather small things but it’s like the kind of “ow” you say as a reflex because you felt a small amount of something that was pain but it wasn’t exactly overwhelming. And, yeah, I say “ow” when people bend my fingers back a bit but can you blame me? In certain situations that could be torture.

So I wonder, if push comes to shove, and shove comes to shoot/hack/crash etc, would I have a tolerance for pain, work through it, ignore it, and try to move away from danger? I mean, we all have a fear of pain (except, apparently. Bee) but when the pain does come can we work through it?

De Fluffe, Out.