“Pain Is My Friend”

Yesterday Bee said that she liked pain, because after the initial shock it…something-something, but it made me nervous because it was a rather masochistic monologue.

Today she called me to tell me that her brother managed to, while skating and being “over-confident”, fall backwards and break both bones in his left wrist. He has to have surgery. That’s 6 weeks of summer holiday ruined. Poor dude. According to Bianca, it was excruciating pain.

I think about that, and I wonder if I really do have a tolerance for pain. I haven’t really broken much except some flesh wound when I fell off a bike onto gravel (not fun) and my heart (haha). I mean, I am aware that in everyday life I say “ow” to rather small things but it’s like the kind of “ow” you say as a reflex because you felt a small amount of something that was pain but it wasn’t exactly overwhelming. And, yeah, I say “ow” when people bend my fingers back a bit but can you blame me? In certain situations that could be torture.

So I wonder, if push comes to shove, and shove comes to shoot/hack/crash etc, would I have a tolerance for pain, work through it, ignore it, and try to move away from danger? I mean, we all have a fear of pain (except, apparently. Bee) but when the pain does come can we work through it?

De Fluffe, Out.

4 thoughts on ““Pain Is My Friend”

  1. omg. take my words and twist them, why don’t you?

    I said, and I quote, “After the initial shock of the pain, the dulled ache is kinda nice. I can see why some people would like it.” meaning I understand why people would like it, not that I would like it.

    But you’re right, it does make one wonder about your own pain threshold.

  2. even if you did…it’s not right to announce it to the world like this. If I had said it and meant it I would be very upset that you did this lexi, I may have said it to you but how would you have known if I wanted it publicised?

    I have to make that a clear point. It wasn’t right of you.

    Anyway, c.n. is on her way. Lol. you should see greg right now…will send pics

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