Where have all the flowers gone?

I was just watching 20 to 1 life changing moments, and in it at I think number 18, was losing your virginity. There was a stat that said that the average age most Aussies lose their virginity is at 17.


I also remember back in Brentwood when we were having a chat in history class, and one of the guys asked the teacher who was a bit of a dork when she’d first kissed a boy. She said that her first boyfriend was when she was at 16, and everyone laughed at her for being “frigid”. I remember that instance quite strongly and thought at the time that I’d have a boyfriend before I turn 16, for sure. Well I didn’t. I still haven’t been kissed. In a couple of months – during which I don’t foresee any chance of me having sex – I’d turn 18, and be a whole year later than the average age.

But let me just justify myself here. While I don’t exactly plan to follow the “sex after marriage” thing, and maybe I might take a one-night stand or two here and there, I don’t think I’d be a nympho. I won’t exactly do it with anyone or use sex as a bargaining tool.

While some people say that it’s an important part of life and I should wait for the right person, I’ve had people tell me it’s not that big a deal, really. So I don’t know. Losing it would be a relief. I hope I don’t sound like I’m soliciting.

Oh how naive I had been last year to think I could lose my “lipginity” before I turn 16. And then 17. Now 18, please, 18.

De Fluffe, Out.

7 thoughts on “Where have all the flowers gone?

  1. it’ll happen when it’s meant to happen.

    I know you’re agnostic, but God does everything for a reason. so it hasn’t happened yet cause it wasn’t meant to.

    If you don’t think of it as God controlling your destiny, then fate

  2. But see I think isn’t there something I can do to speed fate up? Like, as I said to you, change the way I look or something…

  3. Yeah, hmmm, well I think I’m going to have trouble with that area.. but I’m going with the flow and when that time comes… I hope don’t have to tell you guys all about it the next day

  4. my advice: wait.

    wait for the right person. it’ll be so much more worthwhile than just giving it away to just anyone. don’t believe those who say “its not that big a deal”, they’re probably just trying to make themselves feel better after losing it to the “wrong” person.

    kissing though…that’s different
    just go with the flow (like that person who commented above me) don’t think about it too much. let fate surprise you =)
    uh yeah that sounds really corny….


  5. To Nug: Yeah I kinda don’t want to hear about it the next day. Haha but quite a few awkward scenarios just flew through my mind.

    Spinit: Why the hell are you Spinit? Did you follow your advice? Yeah I don’t want it to be just anyone, or would want it to be like, rape…which is bad.

  6. :-S don’t think about your age, think about you and the other person 🙂 and the pool table.

    sorry couldn’t resist.

    serious bro you don’t have to change the way you look or anything, i think you’re very pretty and so do a lot of other people. it’s going to happen, just chill.

  7. Dude, the pool-table dude is soooooo gone.

    And what, you don’t know who that “some people” is?

    Yeah you think I’m pretty ‘cos you were in an environment where you had to get to know me. And yeah I’m pretty fun after you get to know me. But straight off the bat, at a bar or something, who would actually immediately think “I’d tap that” (lol at Jen).

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