New Year’s Resolution

Alright since it’s been mentioned thrice in just as many days, I think I should talk about it.

My resolution last year – or this year, whatever, 2008 – was, if I recall properly because I remember telling Carmaine and Eunice about it at Knox when we went to see P.S. I Love You, to be a better friend and open up channels of communication.

Personally, as in on a personal solitary level, I think I actually achieved both of them really well. I’ve had good talks with people, and I’ve found more about myself and so knew what I can offer as a friend.

I mean, I can think of one instance later in the year when communication wasn’t so great, not on a personal level but as in making sure outside communications are good. But. Again, it all worked out.

The strange thing is, I don’t know what this year’s resolution is going to be. I want to say “do so well in school that I weed out all unforced B’s and B+’s”, but I think that that’s a pretty bad resolution to have, seeing as it shouldn’t take a NYR to make me want to do well in Yr 12. I want to say, “finally kiss someone” but I’ve received such a response to the “flower” post that again, it’s not in my best interest to. But I honestly don’t see a resolution, unless I want to do the “get my weight back down to 45-46 kilos”. Or “give some sort of ending to the vampire story” or the usual love crap like “make sure I make every member of BRuCE laugh really hard at least once a day”. But 356×3 laughs are a large number of laughs.

Ahh, someone help me.

De Fluffe, Out.

P.S. Maybe “quit smoking”? I need to take it up first.

8 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution

  1. Haha… it should be 365 X 3 laughs… unless you’re not cutting a few stressful days out of the year ^^

    I’ve decided not to make any New Year’s Resolutions. I only started making them in 2005/06 (this is so confusing) but I think I didn’t complete every single one.

    One time on the Ellen Degeneres show, she was talking about NY resolutions and how we had a few weeks left to complete them. She was trying to “help” so she said something like, “Need to lose weight? Okay, stand up and do star jumps while I talk … okay, now get on the floor and do twenty push-ups…” Then she went on to the typical Quit Drinking resolution and for that she said something about rolling it over to the next year… and the year after that.. and the year after that.

    It was pretty funny.

  2. Crap I wrote 356 didn’t I. Oh well. Whoever picked that up while reading will read these comments.

    Ellen DeGeneres, I swear, is awesome. Some people say her comedy is weak but I think she employs sarcasm to it’s epitomic level. Is that even a word? Epitomic? I used it in my story. No, anyway, I want to say to you that a NYR is kind of good because it gives you a sense of having a mission for the year. I mean, dude, when I thought about how I actually achieved mine this year, I felt really good. And feeling good is good.

  3. I’m not going to have a NYR because instead I have life goals that still need completing.

    Finding happiness is my no.1 goal and it’s also the hardest.

    I just want to try my best at life. =)

  4. Lys: I think it’s sufficient to say that’s your LTR. Life-time Resolution. And I think that it’s a rather – while vague – strong goal to have. Like you said it’s hard, because so many factors make up happiness, but to have something set for life is very admirable. Besides, NYRs never work out.

    Carmaine: love you too. That didn’t look evil. The eyebrows weren’t doing the evil thing. Like the >=) thing.

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