Welcome back, Eunice!

I think the title speaks for itself. I wonder how tanned you got? We’ll have a tan-off with you and Carmaine. See who wins the prize of having changed races.

I didn’t do much today. And that sentence alone intrigues me because I’ve just been introduced to a friend of D.P.’s through another friend of D.P.’s and she tells me that I am an interesting person. But maybe 60% of my blogs include, paraphrased or literally, “I did nothing today”. And I highly doubt I’m intrinsically interesting – and I don’t think anyone is unless they’re born with an interesting face, and usually interesting faces are synonymous with “freak” – so I wonder what about my constant nattering actually interests people. And I know it does. I mean the hits are still quite steady.

Anyway, going along from “I didn’t do much today”. I finall decided to youtube the Giraffe in Quicksand

Here it is:

Sorry to have put your coming back and an unfortunate giraffe in the same post, Eunice.

Shout out to new friend Cathy, the one who’s the friend of D.P.’s.

De Fluffe, Out.

12 thoughts on “Welcome back, Eunice!

  1. That giraffe reminds me of tall people in general. I mean, who else could hit bottom in quicksand and still have their head above level?

  2. “I mean, who else could hit bottom in quicksand and still have their head above level?” < Funny, funny, funny, funny.

    …Poor Giraffe, but still I laugh. xD

  3. that giraffe is always welcome to share my post, he’s so funny.

    and i think i won the tan-off against carmaine =P but she is quite tanned. so maybe we should have a tan-off with bianca LOL.

  4. Yeah…when you have tan-offs with someone from another, darker race, yeah…


  5. WOO
    oops capslock .
    i’m pretty black myself .. maybe i should jion your tan off ?

  6. ah, i dunno, dp was a nice tan beforehand she went to…wherever it was she went to. where did you go?

  7. Email her if you need to ask her…

    Lol again I’m speaking in the context of the RATIO of B.S. and A.T. (that is, Before Sun, and After Tan) and honestly, it’s REALLY hard to beat Carmaine in that field.

    And for those who might be interested. We did a comparison. Eunice is darker than Bee.

  8. defluffe
    i quite appreciate the shout out
    i never noticed it but i saw my name and well..
    THANKS haha =D

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