5 Months

Just a quick note. I was going through my old blogs today trying to find exactly when I started blogging frequently. That was 4 months ago, tomorrow. But 5 months ago, I wrote a blog about my holidays, my birthday included, and I wrote a line apologizing for my lack of updates to “April, my one and only reader”.

5 months, and that is no longer the case. Well, first of all, April hardly reads this anymore, because she doesn’t have internet. Secondly, I’ve actually managed to meet 3 people through my blog. And thirdly, I had less than 100 hits back in July, and now I’m soaring at the mid 4000’s.

5 months. I read through a few blogs from the days in between, starting from August 18th, when I first read Dani’s blog and was inspired by it. A lot has changed. It was interesting to read about when I didn’t know better, or when something hasn’t happened. I feel that I’ve accomplished something. Especially the difference in the blog where I cursed at my own inability to support my friend, and the knowledge now that I have done so, very sufficiently.

Damn, this wasn’t a quick note at all.

Keepin’ Cool,

/edit CRAP! We’re not in December are we? Okay, so it’s been SIX months since my hits have been in the 100’s, and FIVE months since I started blogging frequently. Oh this is embarrassing.

3 thoughts on “5 Months

  1. “It was interesting to read about when I didn’t know better…”

    Funny that, I’ve been thinking about when I didn’t know any better.
    How do you know you know better now, I mean. In a year, I’ll think of now as a time when I didn’t know any better.
    Maybe the present makes you think you know better but you really don’t.

    Can you wrap your head around that?


  2. Woah, trippy. I totally replied your comments but it didn’t show up.

    Yeah I did wrap my head around it. I think it’s really cool that I have this blog to refer to later on to see the changes in me and my life.

    And, thanks, X.

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