Like a marathon

I’m a pretty huge fan of talking and writing in metaphors and analogies and whatnot. I don’t know if you’ve noticed it. A lot of the times when friends come to me for help, I’ve tried to put their situation into an analogy so they can sort of see how to get out of it. I guess in a way I’m like a nicer and…slightly less intimidating version of S- Sensei.

What had happened was, and I hope it’s okay for me to share this story, Sensei would give us analogies of what was happening with our schoolwork. So once when I wrote an essay too long, and wrote a criteria out of range, he told me that by doing that I’ve basically received 2 black eyes. A double knockout. Because not only did I get marks taken off for going over the limit, I’ve also not filled in the criteria because they don’t mark what is out of range. Anyway, there was the one memorable one. A student was struggling a little in class, and went to Sensei to ask whether she should continue Japanese for Yr 12. His response (my closest recollection to her paraphrasing of what he said) was this:

“Imagine that we are all playing a game of basketball, but you are really fat. So even if you run around a lot, and you shout ‘pass me the ball!’ and you do this and you do that, you’re still fat, and you’re going to be very tired after the first quarter. Everyone else is skinny and healthy, so they can keep running but you’re fat so you’re going to die by halftime. This is you in Japanese. You are the fat basketball player.”

So, basically, I think he wasn’t so hot on her continuing Japanese. I thought he could’ve said, “Look I know you’re trying your best but the workload in Yr 12 is even harder so many this isn’t the best choice for you.” or something along those nice lines that teachers are made to say. Kudos to him though, for voicing it in a humorous way.

I think there was a time when a friend of mine was having relationship problems – or rather, problems with getting over it – and I said something like, “Ultimately, this is a bridge that you have to build alone, to get over. I mean, we your friends have given you the materials and the support and all that, but you’re gonna have to build the thing. It’s tempting to just stay on the side you are now, but I think to move on, you’d have to build that bridge.” I think she’s really on her way to doing it.

Okay, but the metaphor/analogy (I’d say metaphor) that made me smile today was this:

(I had to edit out bits that would make it personal)

“Think of your relationship as a marathon. You start off a little jerkily then you settle into a rhythm once you get into it. Sooner or later though you’ll hit a curve or an obstacle and you have to deal with it, If you don’t your [sic] stuck there not going anywhere. But once you get past it you’ve gained that much more and it means something, even if it’s small. Then you keep going. “

And the more I thought about that the more right she was (whoever the hell you are, you crazy thing). At the start of a friendship, you’re so energized, you feel you can sprint the whole way. Then you slow down, maybe tire out. It’s once you settle into that rhythm, and time gets its claws into you, that you can really test out your endurance. So many runners fall out, they give up. But if you last the distance, that feeling that you get when you cross the finish line, it’s like you’re “on top of the world” as I was told recently. And yeah, on the way you’ll meet potholes, snakes, hobos, whatever, but they’re mere distractions. They’re not world-ending.

I’m interested in making a VCE metaphor that includes piranhas and Tasmania Jones (OH NO I DIDN’T!)

Keep Cool (and runnin’)


P.S. Yeah I actually just thought about signing off with “Keep Cool” and then something to do with the blog I just wrote. Let’s see how long I can last doing that.

6 thoughts on “Like a marathon

  1. I think you are actually subconsciously blogging for me.
    Today I met my new violin teacher, that’s the new relationship part. As for the marathon references, he is my 7th teacher to have taught me. (On average, people usually go through about 2-3 teachers a lifetime.)
    I have a good feeling about this Mr. L, just hope he doesn’t ditch me to start an ice cream shop like my last teacher.

    The eve of Australian Open. Actually no, it’s past midnight…
    Well whatever, take my absence as ‘Cheryl is living in a cave for a few weeks’.
    Talk after I am no longer sitting at the TV for hours on end.
    Miss you.


  2. Who said I was “subconsciously” doing it? Geez, way to make an ass of you and me.
    How do you go through so many violin teachers? Is it because you traumatize them with your height and prodigy-ness so they’re like, “fuck this, I’m opening up an ice cream shop”.
    Alright, talk to you when you’ve got your life screwed back in.

  3. Ha that was pretty funny, I laughed out loud at the Japanese one and this guy kind of peered at me from behind a rotating stand of books.

    They’re some nice metaphors up there, good one. Ouch. The marathon one is a bit of a smack in the head. I’m like the marathon runner who hits a corner and kind of collapses on the side of the path and the First Aid people come running over and pour water on you.. Yeah, can you tell, Sneakerologist, why Ruyi wins writing competitions on a regular basis and I couldn’t create a good story if I was Hemingway’s daughter?

    Ok this is me trying to do the reply within the comment thing.
    Who’s Hemingway?
    Anyway, I don’t think you are quite that person. You ran pretty strongly in our race, didn’t you? And my course isn’t an average course it’s like…a death race with super black holes and shit.
    Where do you GO for internet anyway?

  4. I gotta say that was harsh of s-sensei!! But I agree, kudos for how he said it. I was imagining how I felt if I was the fat basketball player. I’d be thinking “Mann I’m already short, jeez, cut me some slack.” 😀

    Hahaha yeah I think if you went to him for help, he’d just say, “Imagine you’re a short basketball player…oh wait, nothing. Just don’t do Japanese next year.” Mawhahaha

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