Fearless or Talentless?

I’ve wondered a bit whether I don’t listen to mainstream music much now because I actually don’t like mainstream, and like my own punk/rock, whatever, grungey music, or because saying that I don’t listen to mainstream is kinda “cool”.

The truth is, I still listen to mainstream sometimes. Mainstream doesn’t necessarily have to spew out really bad music. I mean, I had my iTunes on shuffle yesterday and Pink’s Nobody Knows came on. I stopped and listened to it, because I haven’t heard it in a while. She’s good. Then again, so did “I Wish I Was A Punk Rock Girl”, what a one-hit-wonder, and yeah that wasn’t so good.

Anyway, the point of this is, I realized recently that maybe I wasn’t not listening to mainstream for the sake of it, but because it shelters me from crap. Certain crap such as TAYLOR SWIFT! How could she possibly be making all that money and fame from her CRAPTACULAR TALENTLESSNESS?! Bee says that it’s the music video for “Love Story”, because it’s fairytale and prince and all that shit, and that’s what all the girls want. I scoffed. She can’t sing. She can’t act, and her face looks like a mouse. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but kudos to Eyebrows Jonas for dumping her.

I’m just shuddering at the thought of going back to school, and having all the stupid tweeny juniors sing her songs in the corridors. I don’t care if I get a reputation for being a bitchy senior; I’m going to tell them to shut up.

Keep Cool (and in-tune)

13 thoughts on “Fearless or Talentless?

  1. *sigh* It’s great for artists to get their music out there, but sometimes, the listeners just don’t truly appreciate the music created by them. They just listen to the music because it’s “popular”. What a shame. I’ll always be one who prefers artists to remain non-mainstream. We can stick together! ^^

  2. aww, the sucess of mainstream music is odd eh! a bunchload of generic loopy repititive songs that lyrically don’t make much sense (i seriously realised this the minute solider boy was released last year). i can’t believe i was ever “into” it. HAS MAINSTREAMM REALLY GOTTEN THAT BAD! haha aw i dont know how taylor swift was til a few moments ago where i myspaced her. 1. her voice is so double-you-tea-effffed up! 2. i agree her face does resemble the face of a mouse (not the cute kind either) 3. country music? COUNTRY MUSIC? is that popular now? omgg, hurrah for having goood cool taste in music. i’d opt for alternative anytime. those are the musicians who know how to come up with genius, catchy tunes with witty meaningful werds! YAY! BTW HI RUYI 🙂

  3. Who’s Taylor Swift? Ima go MySpace her now too.
    I’m definitely becoming more and more interested in non-mainstream and alternative music now, although I’m still going to need recommendations from music buffs.

  4. You know there is some good mainstream like Aerosmith or Maroon 5… But hey whatever… Am I going to be the only one that says Taylor Swift is cool? I like her… I mean I’m not a big fan of country but I don’t hate it either. Maybe it’s opera that I hate, except I did enjoy Phantom of the Opera… I’ve always been open to most genres of music…

    Anyway if anyone was talentless it be stupid Miley Cyrus, now there’s someone who can’t act, sing or even dance. She’s mega lying whore in the making with ribbon on it.

    Disney has lowered its standard terribly.

    LOL at “Eyebrows Jonas” and “tweeny juniors”

  5. I know I’ve started the replying within a comment thing. But this time I think I’ll do a separate one.

    Julia: I always am a bit happy for artists who finally get their stuff on mainstream because they’re noticed, and their music will be more appreciated. Of course, there’s always the risk that they in turn become that very thing that they probably didn’t want to be. I was thinking a little bit along the lines of Second Serenade – because Fall For You wasn’t so great – and maybe Fall Out Boy a little bit. Some might even say Maroon 5, but personally I’m a fan so…

    Carolyn: HEY! Thanks for dropping in. Soulja Boy was definitely the epitome of lyrical nonsense. Also Kelis’s Milkshake. Also Crazy Frog. I agree with all your 3 points, and also I love songs that, not only on a basic level the tune is good, but the lyrics themselves paint an in depth and colorful picture. Country music was popular in mainstream a while back, when Keith Urban was all crash hot. I know I’m going against my “image” but Urban did come out with 1 or 2 songs that are rather nice to listen to on a sunny day. He looks like a douche though.

    Bon: I can’t believe you don’t know Taylor Swift! I say that in a slightly jealous way. You’ve gone for so long without having to watch as she rises and becomes popular for no good reason.

    Tiff: I can be angrier. I can be a lot angrier. But you know, I’m proud to be angry at Swift.

    Mimz: (Yep new spelling) You’re of course always entitled to your own likes and opinions. I mean the Swift Empire is built on SOMETHING. Miley Cyrus, on the other hand, is a bit of a both-y. As in, I won’t say she doesn’t have talent per se, unlike Swift, because I can actually physically stand listening to more than 30 seconds of Cyrus. But she’s definitely another Swift, what with the franchise of her face everywhere, and her show, and her tour, and her alter ego, and blah blah blah. Omg. What would happen if Swift and Cyrus joined together for a tour?! Oh my god.

  6. I second Mimay’s comment.

    .. And Julia’s comment about Tiff.

    I like Taylor Swift’s songs because they’re kinda catchy, not because they’re popular.

    “Kudos to Eyebrows Jonas for dumping her.” < that was mean. You can hate her music but .. yeah. I won’t continue or I’ll sound mean.

    (Were you waiting for me to read this? Because you KNEW I liked Taylor Swift?)

  7. Oh, great.

    Have I told you about my love for Secondhand Serenade?

    Remind me to never talk to you about music. Ever.

    “What would happen if Swift and Cyrus joined together for a tour?! Oh my god.” < VERY FUNNY. NOT.

    Like I said to Mimay, everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. I didn’t write this blog to personally attack you. This is my blog and these are my thoughts. I figured that what I have to say might hurt some fan’s feelings, but I’d rather have it said then not said. You can choose not to talk to me about music if that’s your desire, but don’t make me sound like a bad person for forming my own opinions. I didn’t wish for any form of harm on her, did I? And, again, to the join tour reference: that’s my own opinion. Of course you’re entitled to not finding it amusing, but I don’t like that you’re implying I shouldn’t have written it.

  8. I’m aware that this is your personal blog and that you’re entitled to write whatever you want on it. It just hurt at the time. But I’ve cooled down now. I’m sorry.

    You don’t have to apologize for voicing your own thoughts. As long as you now know that your words were heated. Hey, I have an open commenting and hardly any moderation for a reason, you know. All good?

  9. MILEY WITH TAYLOR? OH MY GAWD! Miley will infest Taylor with her whore germs!

    D: Gah the girl’s face is everywhere, her big fake smile is enough to raise the power of my glasses…

    …I’m so ashamed I know a fair bit of lyrics to some of her songs, so damn ashamed.

    Ending this on a good note…

    Maroon 5 is the shit!

    Lol yeah I always wondered if Cyrus ever kind of went “Okay I went out to get milk and I saw my face 20 times, twice of them on the milk carton.” And yes, Maroon 5 is the SHIT!

  10. lol, since when was cyrus on a milk carton? can anyone say overexposure? hahaha.

    She wasn’t in Australia. But she could be. She’s definitely on like cereal boxes in America I bet. Or underwear even. HA! Omgsh Hanna Montana diapers.

  11. Hate to uh, you know, break it to you, but Hannah Montana has a ‘h’ on the end of it. =P Have to admit that Cyrus can do comedy, but that said, she JUST passes.

    Mimay, it’s not just you. My cousin listens to Hannah Montana and I know her songs too. And I’m ashamed to admit that I still have from JoBros songs on my ipod. They’re (the songs) are fun and catchy. But my gosh do they need singing lessons. Has anyone heard the massive exhale at the end of EACH line? If that doesn’t go away, so help me God I will think of something bad to do to them.

    Oh a palindrome. Lol Tiff, who’s angry now?

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