Super Saiyan Kiwi

Yeah, because like hell Kiwis will ever able to kick ass like a real Super Saiyan. Since they don’t have arms, they can’t even perform the Kamehameha attack, or do the Fusion Dance with another animal that HAS arms. Do they even have ears? If they don’t, then that’s the Fusion Earrings gone.

But hey kudos to dolphy for making it up! It’s hilarious. S/he also did the Ninja Kiwi:

Keep Cool (and kickin’, and gruntin’ and all them Saiyan stuff)


2 thoughts on “Super Saiyan Kiwi

  1. hey you changed yours too, looks cool bro 🙂

    um. not going to even comment on the kiwi birds..
    hope you have a good weekend.

    you going straight to uni from your place on monday?

    Yeah actually it’s the same theme as Sneakerologist I hope she doesn’t mind. Yeah I’m going straight from my place because…I kind of live near there? My mom is picking Bee up with me so. I dunno about on the way back though. You’re okay with getting there right?

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