Ah, why be subtle in my titling?

Anyway, to clarify, I met the Andy half.

After school today Dani, Carmaine and I went to Dani’s place so I can tune Dani’s new guitar (all-black, acoustic, very old strings, sounds funny, looks hot) and so Carmaine can go to the Op-Shop nearby where we bought so much of Eunice’s birthday presents.

As we were rounding Coventry onto Clarendon, where FOX FM’s office and HQ is, we decided to go into the Clarendon Shopping Centre because I needed to use the bathroom. We also got some to eat, and I chatted with a Baker’s Delight worker who was an ex-MacRobbian, having recognised my uniform. All this is crucial to what happened next because a moment sooner or a moment later and today’s awesomeness would’ve been affected.

So as the three of us were walking out of the Shopping Centre, who do we pass but ANDY LEE! I stopped in my tracks, turned around and literally pointed at him half-dazed saying, “Isn’t that…?” and of course it was. We took a few steps away from the door, still saying “Ohmygosh it’s Andy from Hamish and Andy!” And I wanted a photo. We went back, and saw him ordering a sandwich. I started hovering near the doorway of the restaurant, wanting to go in to say hi and ask for a photo (Dani had her Polaroid with her). Anyway, I did about a minute of hovering as he was ordering, and then he turned around, saw me, and waved and smiled. I did the stereotypical “Hi omgsh hahaha” crap all tweenies do.

Then he came out of the restaurant, while I was still hovering and wringing my hands, and came out and smiled and said hi. I shook his hand, and had to crane my neck up HEAPS! He’s so incredibly tall. Which made me think that Hamish is actually pretty tall as well. He told me his name is Andy. I said, “I know. We know.” And then I asked him why his hair isn’t red anymore, seeing as he lost that bet and I saw a picture of him on the mX with red hair. He said he was allowed to dye it back again. Then I asked if we could take a photo, and Carmaine and I took a photo with him on Dani’s Polaroid (Dani I love you so much for letting us take one without you in it. It’s not fair you’re not in it I know. So I’ll make it up to you! Next time we see someone famous you’ll be like closest to them in a photo) BUT, as Eunice reminded me later when I called her to tell her, WE FORGOT TO ASK HIM TO SIGN IT! I AM SUCH AN IDIOT! I HAD AN INSTANT PHOTO AND I DIDN’T ASK HIM TO SIGN IT! WHAT KIND OF IDIOT DOES THAT?! I am so ashamed, I bet he even thought we were weird for not asking him for an autograph.

Anyway, said bye to him (he’s so nice. I mean how annoying would it be, 10 minutes before your show starts, you’re trying to buy a sandwich and 3 giggling schoolgirls want a photo) and called Eunice, talked to her – she was so excited she was whisper-screaming, as she was in the library. Talked to Bee – she wasn’t as excited but I suppose it’s hard to beat Eunice’s enthusiasm. Then called Yeleng. Dani called Caro- who, according to Dani, said “Ohmygod” three times per sentence. Yeleng kept on saying how lucky I was. WE WERE SO LUCKY! I bet if we didn’t go to the bathroom, or if I didn’t spend so long chatting to the ex-MacRobbian, or if something-something didn’t happen, we wouldn’t have come across Andy.

So that was a sum-up of my AWESOME afternoon! I ended up being home late for an hour, and realized I’d used my credit all up 1 month early (it’s a 2 month limit…so…oops). But still it’s so cool! Thank you so much Dani for agreeing to use up an expensive film and not being in the picture! I love you!! And I know I sound like I’m only saying I love you because you did me a huge favor but I’m sure you know how much I love you all the other times!

Keep Cool (AND LISTEN TO HAMISH AND ANDY ON FOX FM 101.9, 4 – 6pm on weekdays and I’m pretty sure they’re on weekends too! Podcast them! Whatever! Just do it ‘cos Andy’s really nice and I bet Hamish is too.)


/edit here’s the picture, I finally uploaded into my computer.


9 thoughts on “I MET 1/2 OF HAMISH AND ANDY!

  1. glad you guys are happy.

    I duno…somehow I never got the “go-crazy-over-celebs” thing. they’re people, like you, like me. They’re not super-human. They have their talents, sure but everyone has something special about them.

    The only thing really that makes them different is their lives are more publisized. Since everyone’s lives are interesting and everyone has something unique about them if your “average joe” was caught and his life broadcasted to the world, it would be just as fascinating. Sort of like ‘instant celeb’

    So since anyone and everyone can be a celebrity…I never understood why we placed so much importance on the lives of others…why some people obsessively follow tabloids and gossip about someone else’s story when their own fascinating one is unfolding before them. You’ve just got to look and appreciate.

    That’s sorta why I wasn’t so excited when you told me about Andy I guess. It seemed…normal.

    Yeah Big Brother, I think, proves your point immediately that any person can go on TV and be a celebrity. But it’s still incredibly awesome to meet someone who you hear from every day who everyone else knows. And yeah I think Eunice’s comments below goes onto that as well. Some people really like celebrity, some people don’t care much for it.

  2. trust bianca to make this into a discussion panel. lol.


  3. It’s days like these when you can feel grateful about the fact that you’re today is not a bad hair day.
    Andy looks like a giant, you know, in comparison…

  4. Haha yeah I suppose Carmaine did recognise him first but I also saw him! I totally stopped in my tracks, as well. Anyway, it doesn’t matter because fact of the matter is we got to talk to Andy Lee!

    Vania. Ha. Ha. I’m already pretty short in comparison to Andy, and Carmaine was being nice by bending a bit.

    LOL Chez, I hardly ever have bad hair days. My hair doesn’t really move around much.

    I’m commenting like this because my school wouldn’t let me log into my account so I can’t go in and edit your comments.

  5. haha, i’m not obsessed with celebrities you know. it’s just cool meeting someone that EVERYONE knows.

    That’s basically what I said to Bee already.

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