When Jokes Just Don’t Work

Today at Jack’s, I’m pretty sure Jack tried to initiate oral sex with a guy called Jason, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Let me just clarify that Jack is NOT a pedophile, I think he just didn’t realize that the joke was taken a bit too far. Everyone laughed politely but there was a certain air of awkwardness. We all felt sorry for Jason.

The joke went something along the lines (he recycles his jokes so if you find this familiar…) of, “when I teach by speaking it’s an oral job. When I teach with pointing it’s a hand job. When I try to solve maths equations it’s a head job.” Anyway, later on he asked the aforementioned Jason, “Jason did you like my oral job?” What the hell is Jason meant to say?

Jack made his gay joke again. Before he just said he likes gays (as a heterosexual) but this time he asked a random guy if he liked gays. What is he meant to say? No would brand him homophobic and prejudiced. Yes would brand him gay.

Actually, I think I should just blame society. The hypocritical society we live in shun those who are openly hateful of gays, because they’re “prejudiced” and “uptight” and “conservative”, yet at the same time would poke mean emotional fun at those who may be showing tendencies to be homosexual. I asked a friend from Brentwood if she was homophobic. She replied, “yes” after a small moment’s pause. In a way I admire her bravery to be able to openly admit she is phobic of gays, because like I said before, a lesser person might’ve just said, “No” so that they’re not shunned. I use “lesser” in a slightly circumstantial sense; I suppose I myself see badly of those who are phobic towards gays, because I think homosexuality is a very normal thing, it’s a way of life. Like using chopsticks. The only negative connotations come from religious teachings. But I also respect that of those who just plain don’t like it, because there are some people who just can’t use chopsticks, right?

Trust Jack to make me have a rant about gays.

Keep Cool (and away from Jack’s gay jokes)


One thought on “When Jokes Just Don’t Work

  1. “it’s a way of life, like using chopsticks.” lol i love it
    i agree, homophobia is awful – as is rascism, sexism, etc – but in this “free world” people should be entitled to their opinion, no matter how wrong you or i may think it is. you really just can’t win. which sucks.
    that jack guy freaks me out, i’ve never been to his class thing but that joke is a little inappropriate.

    Lol you never went to Jack? What kind of East-sider are you? Yeah his jokes do get over the top sometimes but as a tutor he has his value.

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