Tuesday Arvos

My Tuesdays are blocked as the following

Period 1, Methods.

Period 2, Free.

Period 3+4, English Language.

Period 5+6, Dozing through Legal Studies.

This was the second week in a row that I didn’t manage to keep my eyes open for all of Legal Studies, and not the first lesson this week in which Mr Sh-‘s words melted away as my eyelids gained several kilos. He was talking about, I think, the Gov Gen’s role in Executive Counsel when suddenly Jen stabbed me awake. Now, don’t get me wrong, while Legal is currently not the stuff of legends, it’s not sleep inducing either – not at the rate Mr Sh- teaches. But because of the Oscars last night and Mr Sh-‘s unrelentingly Philadelphia-esque (the cheese spread) tone, I was not 10 minutes into class when I started losing energy.

I’ve decided that every Tuesday recess or in my free before I’d make myself a stiff cup of coffee. I don’t think I’d keep it up because I don’t like how coffee stains my teeth. But I have to keep awake in my Legal double somehow.

Keep Cool (and, well, obviously, awake)


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Arvos

  1. Ooh, we have to discuss the Oscars.

    I’d ask if you’re enjoying Mr.Sh-‘s classes but um… you almost fell asleep!

    haha, I already listen to and love Anberlin already. And no, I don’t love Taylor Swift’s music. But admittedly, it’s decent. *waits for Al’s backlash*


  2. Slumdog Millionaire! Woot.
    I actually went to see an Oscar-winning movie, yay.

    CHEW GUM. They don’t stain your teeth and keep you awake BUT it is awfully embarrassing when it falls out of your mouth…and everybody except you notices.

    I’m just full of great ideas…heh.

    (BON, I LISTENED TO TAYLOR SWIFT TODAY…and I liked it too, even though I don’t want to admit it. It reminds me of Twilight but I don’t know, something about the songs just tug at your heart…there’s cliche for you.)

    [backlashes Cheryl as well] How can you possibly not notice when gum falls out of your own mouth?

  3. I’ve seen Slumdog Millionaire. It was quite good.

    I’ve listened to Taylor Swift. She is awesome.

    Heyyy my Auntie drinks everything with a straw cos she’s scared to stain her teeth. LOL You can do the same thing.

    I WANT TO SEE IT! How come everyone has seen it? And don’t get me started on Swift again. And no thank, I don’t want to drink scalding coffee through a straw.

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