Be Enthusiastic!

Bianca is really excited about her 18th birthday party. She’s got ideas and dressing up all planned out. Furthermore, we’re all planning a pampering-day of sorts (what would you call it exactly?).

I don’t know what I want. I only have the vague notion that I do not want my milestone birthday into adulthood pass without some way of acknowledging it. I’d originally wanted to go paintballing but all the people I’d want to go with are underage. I’d wanted to go to a club or bar but let’s fucking face it, my parents wouldn’t let me if hell froze over. Now I don’t have any sort of awesome ambition for my birthday. Bel wanted another joint party. I don’t even have the energy to want to do another party. I am not enthusiastic. I do not know what to do. I just don’t want July 10th to pass and I’d spent a day at home by myself, with only my text message ringtone to accompany me as various people send me birthday wishes. I want to actually be there with them when they wish it to me.

Keep Cool (fuck this sign off I’m not doing it anymore)


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