Methods SAC

Today was the first 3/4 Methods SAC. I had a triple free at the end of the day so I did a little bit of work in P4, had lunch in the Common Room with Dani (who was going bananas over her Lit SAC in the very next double) and then in P5 and 6 bunkered down in the library and did a few exercises.

SAC wasn’t too bad, I suppose. I had people reckon that the SAC was harder than the 2nd test, which I found absurd seeing as I got 69% for the 2nd test (haha 69) so it either means I am falsely confident and I am so fucked for this SAC, or they were wrong. There was one irksome question, which I know I did not get. But, really, it wasn’t altogether too bad.

After the seemingly obligatory post-SAC-mortem, Carmaine, Fel and I went to buy some junk/comfort food at Flinders, before taking an old train home.

Now I await my results.

My week’s outlook is not bright:

Friday: Grand Prix so I will bunker at home and study for my English SAC which is in a week, my English Language SAC which is in a week and a day, and perhaps if I can be bothered my Chinese SAC which is a day before my English. Flipside? After next Tuesday, I can thoroughly enjoy my last week of wearing school uniforms.

Speaking of which, we tried on the hoodies today in the Common Room, and I was (figuratively) swimming in the XS. I sure am looking forward to wearing the jumpers, though, because that will show the stupid Juniors who the Yr 12s are.

And, I suppose, speaking of 69. Andrew got a new – and what I call – “Special Poster” which he so gleefully showed me last week. It was the Periodic Table of Elements, except replace the last word with “Sex-Positions”. There were, for example, and this was actually the only example which I paid attention to – or rather, dared to pay attention to, the “Standing 69.” It came complete with a graphic illustration/instruction, employing 2 artist’s mannequins, one for female and one for male. And where the Table of Elements have the extra bit along the bottom, Andrew had “Advanced Positions” which, at a glance, seemed to defy gravity.

A suitably awkward yet highly amusing topic of conversation.

I spent my weekend watching Just for Laughs Gags online. They are. INGENIUS. I hope I do get onto the video committee so I can perhaps employ some of those gags. Oh and Bianca and Fel are on the Formal Committee, Bee being the General Manager. That sounds really important, so congratulations to her!

Longest post in a while. Sorry I have been so quiet lately (and this was reflected on my blog hits). I suppose getting Facebook was a very bad disease for the popularity of my blog, and also I suppose Yr 12 VCE was also a crippling handicap. Besides, there really haven’t been much of write-worthy lately.

OH AND, I NEARLY FORGOT! Today Gen and Bec shaved their heads. A public spectacle at lunchtime, and both shed tears. We love those two, though. What a good cause!



Last night I came up with these little musings/lines. I couldn’t figure out how to put them together in context, nor do I wish to particularly share the context in which they were conceived, so I’m just putting them here:

I’ve more or less come to terms with the fact that happiness would most likely go knock on everyone else’s door first, looking for a place to crash, before finally, reluctantly, and after roughing it out as a hobo for several months, come to me.

I’ve tried being optimistic, trust me. I’ve gone and looked for the silver lining on so many clouds that, had I been successful each time, I would’ve accumulated enough silver to kill the entire werewolf community. As things are, I have barely enough to poison a small hamster.

It’s okay, I didn’t stake too much emotion into this one. I mean, I staked some emotions, but hey, even though the stock market crashed I’ve still got enough to live on instant-noodles with.

It feels like Life is the schoolyard bully, and a psychologically twisted one at that. She’d let me have a bit of breathing space, let me be happy for a bit, let me enjoy my lunch money, and just when I’m starting to get confident in the schoolyard, she’d grab me by the collar, dunk my head in the toilet, and laugh because I’d actually believed for a second that I am going to be okay.


I’m Lovin’ It

Today afterschool I met up with Dom at Melb Central to return his nunchucks, and Brian, Theresa, Jan- and D.P. were there. I was hungry and decided to get something to eat, and hearing that Brian works at Maccas we go line up. Brian gets the front of the line, nods at the guy behind the counter, says we want 2 cheeseburgers and fries as said on this coupon, and another double beef. I get out my wallet to pay. Brian says, “Don’t worry about it.”

I smirk, “Like hell I’m gonna let you pay.”

He says, “Who said anything about paying?”

Before I could open my mouth to let my brain contemplate this fact, the guy behind the counter comes back, and hands Brian a bag, and we turn and leave. Brian knew the guy, and in turn Brian gets free food.

Later on, Theresa and I go up to the counter. Theresa actually says to the guy “can we have a thickshake for free?” and we got a large thickshake for free.

I’m starting to think, I want to either make friends with people who work at Maccas (specifically the Melb Central one) or I start doing a stint there myself. Free food! It’s legendary.


P.S. Got my Legal SAC part 1 results back, and was mediocre. Sho- said that a score is just a score and it hardly matters at the end of the year. I take comfort in that.

Faking My Own Suicide

I’m faking my own suicide.
Because I know you love me,
You just haven’t realized.

Faking My Own Suicide – Relient K

I dressed up as a ninja today, and it was heaps fun. April had this little scary (blunt) dagger and I had the nunchucks borrowed off Dom (which, by the way, were so much fun to just hold ‘cos people kept on wanting it haha). I went up to the stage when it was Oreads’ turn to parade, and I did the HYAH! thing all ninjas do. It was heaps fun. Heaps. Fun. Oreads had so many awesome costumes, but I think I might have to admit Gen and Pras-‘s hakka was the BEST! And they won it fair and square too.

As to the song, it was just stuck in my head today. Nothing meaningful.

Mai (aha, here’s the mention) dressed up in traditional Vietnamese costume and it was really really yellow. Julia Yr 11 dressed in a Korean costume and that was so bloody cool except she had trouble climbing up onto the stage because of it.

No more dressing up for Multicultural Week anymore. I saw Ca- today at Glen Waverley station. She graduated last year and when I told her that today was the parade, she “aww”ed nostalgically. She’s doing med at Monash. Figures.



Have I mentioned this? Tomorrow is Multicultural Week at our school so I’m dressing up as a ninja as per agreed upon with April last year after watching Viking Girl go nuts onstage.

Today we had to wear blazers as we had this proper assembly about how we’re acknowledging that the land we are on tradtionally belongs to the Aboriginal people. I think that…well hey it’s about time something happens in that field, and it’s good we’re one of the first schools to do such a thing because I know in the future this’ll become a big deal. Like in the future, my kid (my kid? Look let’s not get into specifics) would ask me “Mom, when Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said Sorry in 2008, where were you?” And I would be very proud indeed to be able to tell my kid that “Mom was watching the broadcast live on TV at school. That day, no one really had any classes, and everyone went to a classroom with a TV and we all watched Mr Rudd give that speech. And then we watched Brendan Nelson give the other really awful speech. It was a really big deal, you know, what happened.”

Anyway, so, ninja.

I went to Dani’s place this afternoon to pick out some black clothing (I borrowed all black stuff, so I said to her, “I could lose these clothes in the dark, you know…”) and Andrew so skilfully bagged my size by leaning on my head. But yeah, I’m ready for tomorrow. The scarf is a bit of a problem it always slips off. I don’t know, we’ll figure something out. And maybe April might get her hands on the balaclavas.

I also nabbed a ring off Dani. See, my fingers are very thin, and most rings fall off, but this one not only stays on but actually got stuck a bit. So I get to keep it because…well if it sticks on me like hell Dani would ever be able to wear it…

I have a bit of Eng Lang to do (a bit? A bit my ass) tonight and for the next few nights, and some Legal to do by Friday. But yeah, other than that I am literally winging it as it comes. Did badly at Maths, too.


Swimming Carnival 09

Today I went to my last school organized swmming carnival ever. (In 2 weeks’ time, we will have Aths, that being my last school organized sports event ever, ever.)

It was stuffy and chlorine-y in MSAC, of course. Eunice swam…four races? Carmaine was downstairs most of the time taking pictures (with her new G10 “boy” camera) and got a good picture of Eunice just before her race started, looking athletic and awesome.

Bianca and Dani also went around taking pictures. I think. I watched some of Zack and Miri Make A Porno with D.P. until dicks started showing up, and then I went and sat with some people from my class for a while.

Today was the birthday of 5 people I know (6, if we count Tony 4 if we count the Double Chins as one). I said happy birthday to all of them – one of whom was Bon, who comments often! – and we basically just sat around. Julia wore a really really cute pretty tutu today, and Bel was a big red truck. We sat in this area and started attempting duets for Lucky (that is, Jen and I) and I think it failed sort of miserably. Annie kept on hitting me with a balloon which we called Balloon-da, after Julia called it replacement Bel.

Swimming sports ended with Oreads coming last (enh), Naiads 3rd/2nd and Nereids and Dryads both equal 1st. Eunice cheered my eardrums out. I did the parade with Naiads (again, I know I said I’d do it with Oreads but) and they had “Living On A Prayer” as parade music. Carmaine, Frank, Nug and I were near the back of the parade and when the chorus came on we shamelessly “moshed” and screamed “WOAH! WE’RE HALFWAY THERE! WOAH! LIVING ON A PRAYER!” and received well-earned looks from the juniors.

We went to Giraffe, a cool quaint little cafe near Elizabeth St. Dani had gone on a previous occasion and drawn a giraffe on a napkin and pinned it up. When she returned, she was shattered to find it taken off. Then she noticed that they’d placed it amongst the display on the shelves. The cafe is incredible, because it gives a very homely feeling (that is, they’ve set it out to feel like a dining room at home). We had our food and took pictures (of course. Dani, Bee and Carmaine all brought their uber-cool cameras so…). There were a salt and pepper shaker set, that was a white dog and a black dog. Carmaine, next to me, posed the black dog and the white dog facing each other, and took a picture. In the background of the picture were Dani and D.P. conversing, almost like a humanoid reflection of the dogs (look, if you know Dani and D.P. personally you’d know why). When I have the picture, I’ll put it up to show.

We went home afterwards, and who do we see on the train but Blue-Violin-Case-Boy! We talked to him for a while, and it was rather fun because we got to hear his life in Uni.

Hung around the Glen for a bit, because Bee wanted to print off photos at Rabbit Photos. I’d forgotten my house key so I had to be home after 4:30 so that mom will be home to open the door for me, so I strolled VERY leisurely home from the bus stop.

Got home, and I recorded myself singing Lucky, Jason’s part. Then I listened to the recording and sang along to that, but Colbie’s part. I’m out of key and a bit out of time but otherwise I’m happy with my efforts. And now I’m blogging, obviously, and typing up Legal notes.

And that was my last Swimming Carnival. I can’t wait until Aths. Who knows. Provided we have a do-able theme, I might dress up.


We The Kings – Feel Good Inc.

Imagine my surprise when looking up their lyrics…and I find this. I immediately YouTubed it…

Now, of course, it’s not as good as the original version by Gorillaz. But, look, We The Kings is a punk rock band. Covering something like that…they’ve done a good job. And the laughing at the start is absolutely hilarious.



Lucky – Jason Mraz ft Colbie Caillat (I can’t spell it right haha).

First introduced to me by Joey. Thereafter by various other people in love with the song. Now I love the song too! I just don’t have my own copy, so I will start asking around for it.

The video I have embedded is not, of course, the original music video. I’m sure you’ll get to watch the music video on Video Hits pretty soon as it will (if it hasn’t already) become very popular. This video is of Lucky being covered by those two awesome Asian folks, and both their voices are amazing!

And, just so it is made easier for other people, I’ve included the chords for this song. I got it off Ultimate Guitar, so all creds go to whoever tabbed the song (sorry I forgot your screen name!)


* means palm mute chords
[] use bar chord version

Intro: [C]*

[C]*                               Am*
Now do ya hear me talking to you
Dm7*                          [G]*           Em*
Across the water, across the deep blue ocean
Am*                 Dm7*
Under the open sky, oh my
Baby I’m trying

[C]*             Am*
Boy I hear you in my dreams
Dm7*                        [G]*
I feel your whisper across the sea
Em*                     Am*
I keep you with me in my heart
Dm7               [G]         G#
You make it easier when life gets hard

Am           Dm7                                     G
Lucky I’m in love with my best friend
C                     (C/B)               Am
Lucky to have been where I have been
Dm7                  G
Lucky to be coming home again
C                       Am         Em                 G
Ooooh ooh-oooooh ooh-ooooooh….

Dm7                                  Am
They don’t know how long it takes
G                        Dm7
Waiting for a love like this
Am                     G                          Dm7
Every time we say goodbye, I wish we had one more kiss
Am                            [G] G#
I’ll wait for you, I promise you, I will

Am                    Dm7                                     G
I’m lucky I’m in love with my best friend
C                     (C/B)                Am
Lucky to have been where I have been
Dm7                     [G] G#
Lucky to be coming home again

Am                  Dm7                         G
Lucky we’re in love in every way
C                       (C/B)                    Am
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Dm7                               G
Lucky to be coming home some day

[C]*                               Am*
And so I’m sailing, through the sea
Dm7*                         [G]*
To an island, where we’ll meet
Em*                     Am*
You’ll hear the music, fill the air
Dm7    G
I put a flower in you hair

C                                     Am
And though the breezes through the trees
Dm7                             G
Move so pretty, you’re all I see
Em                                    Am
Let the world keep spinning round
Dm7                    [G]              G#
You hold me right here, right now

Am                     Dm7                                 G
I’m lucky I’m in love with my best friend
C                   (C/B)                 Am
Lucky to have been where I have been
Dm7                   [G]  G#
Lucky to be coming home again

Am                   Dm7                        G
Lucky we’re in love in every way
C                         (C/B)                    Am
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Dm7                               G
Lucky to be coming home some day
C                 Am                 Em                      G
Ooooh ooh-oooooh ooh-ooooooh….


/edit It has occured to me that the chords are not over the right words where you change them. Figure it out, it’s not hard.