What happened today?

In Periods 3 and 4, Miss Ma- was away so we were meant to do some work but I ended up sneaking out and going to Dani’s place with Dani and D.P. and we played Guitar Hero and Tekken. And D.P. totally cheated by button mashing. And I chose some stupid guy who didn’t do anything but defend. What. The. Fuck. Anyway, got back to school about 5 minutes before lunch started.

Hung out with Carmaine most of lunch and went to Peer Support. Did the Legal SAC which was a 6o minute block of furiously writing what I think the Parliament is doing in Law Making (hoo-ah).

Oh, and I accidentally added Mr G my ex-Legal teacher on my Facebook. Now THAT, as El- put it, was the funniest thing a MacRob chick can do and I did it.




Okay okay…okay…okay. I got one.

And I have no idea what is going on. Facebook is too vast and confusing. Good ol’ WordPress…

So, I of course will not be neglecting my dear blog.

I’ve also decided that if I get more than about 20 people asking about “Alex” I’ll have to explain it on my profile page…somehow.

Well I’ve dove brain-first into Facebook. Here’s hoping (as it says) I don’t get addicted to it.