I’m Lovin’ It

Today afterschool I met up with Dom at Melb Central to return his nunchucks, and Brian, Theresa, Jan- and D.P. were there. I was hungry and decided to get something to eat, and hearing that Brian works at Maccas we go line up. Brian gets the front of the line, nods at the guy behind the counter, says we want 2 cheeseburgers and fries as said on this coupon, and another double beef. I get out my wallet to pay. Brian says, “Don’t worry about it.”

I smirk, “Like hell I’m gonna let you pay.”

He says, “Who said anything about paying?”

Before I could open my mouth to let my brain contemplate this fact, the guy behind the counter comes back, and hands Brian a bag, and we turn and leave. Brian knew the guy, and in turn Brian gets free food.

Later on, Theresa and I go up to the counter. Theresa actually says to the guy “can we have a thickshake for free?” and we got a large thickshake for free.

I’m starting to think, I want to either make friends with people who work at Maccas (specifically the Melb Central one) or I start doing a stint there myself. Free food! It’s legendary.


P.S. Got my Legal SAC part 1 results back, and was mediocre. Sho- said that a score is just a score and it hardly matters at the end of the year. I take comfort in that.

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