Last night I came up with these little musings/lines. I couldn’t figure out how to put them together in context, nor do I wish to particularly share the context in which they were conceived, so I’m just putting them here:

I’ve more or less come to terms with the fact that happiness would most likely go knock on everyone else’s door first, looking for a place to crash, before finally, reluctantly, and after roughing it out as a hobo for several months, come to me.

I’ve tried being optimistic, trust me. I’ve gone and looked for the silver lining on so many clouds that, had I been successful each time, I would’ve accumulated enough silver to kill the entire werewolf community. As things are, I have barely enough to poison a small hamster.

It’s okay, I didn’t stake too much emotion into this one. I mean, I staked some emotions, but hey, even though the stock market crashed I’ve still got enough to live on instant-noodles with.

It feels like Life is the schoolyard bully, and a psychologically twisted one at that. She’d let me have a bit of breathing space, let me be happy for a bit, let me enjoy my lunch money, and just when I’m starting to get confident in the schoolyard, she’d grab me by the collar, dunk my head in the toilet, and laugh because I’d actually believed for a second that I am going to be okay.


One thought on “Mmm…Metaphors…

  1. some of these, i’m sad to say, actually relate to myself. i don’t know if these are true to yourself, but even if they aren’t, i suppose i’m glad to know that at least one person can convey some of the emotions i feel at times.

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