Happy Easter

I don’t really celebrate easter, but seeing as this post doesn’t have a central theme, I might as well wish everyone a happy, fun but mostly SAFE easter. Sure the road death toll isn’t that crazy high, but you don’t know the number of people who are maimed for life. They’re never mentioned.

Today I got up with a bad scratched throat. I thought to myself, “oh shit, you’re getting glandular.” Well I still don’t know if this is glandular I’m just going to hope it’s a bad cold.

Anyway, I was reading about how Dom played Tetris on the DS a lot so I decided to down  – ahem buy legitimately – the Tetris game on DS. On my way, I also bought Monsters Vs Aliens the game, some random Naruto game, and this:

Dani was the one who introduced me to this. It’s one of those rhythm games, like Guitar Hero or DDR. It’s quite addictive, with many levels and TB voices and it even has, as one of the tracks, the Mario themes, as well as all the oldies video game themes.

Tomorrow is Eunice’s baptism. And then after that I’m going to Chadstone to find sweaters and a bag. But damn I hate feeling sick.

I’m really looking forward to seeing Monsters Vs Aliens, seeing as in the video game, B.O.B. (voiced by Seth Rogen) is SO MUCH FUN TO PLAY AS! He just randomly blobs around and swallows random crap. And we all know movies are 10x better than games. That’s why I’m not going to play much of the game until I’ve seen the movie.

Otherwise, life is fine. I tried FaceStalking yesterday. It was morbidly interesting (er…morbid may not be the word, I just meant there was a morbid fascination). I knew what I was doing was oh-so-beneath me but I still did it anyway. It wasn’t hard. And no Carmaine, I’m not referring to my reading your comment to Bee. I meant…someone else.

And Cheryl is addicted too. Haha. I win. And she took quizzes just like I did. And my quizzes came up with funny answers. I’m apparently a baby dyke who, while being unperverted, is ready to try anything in the bedroom in the heat of the moment.

Be afraid.


2 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. tetris DS is AWESOME D=
    i just play vs cpu for hrs…
    i rape level 5 hard up the ass !

    im starting to get into the jap mood
    so when i see the word “glandular” i notice that it would be rly difficult for a jap person to say that xD

    Lol I like the Puzzle Mode. Call me baby but it’s heaps fun.

    LOL Guranduraa Fui-baa. It’s the death of us all. Actually diseases in Japanese sound more daunting. You know 1LOT? Yeah I forgot what the disease was in both languages but it sounds hardcore.

  2. If I keep sleeping at ridiculous hours in the morning, I’m going to be sick too.
    Oh, I saw the Monsters and Aliens toys at McDonalds and I was so tempted to buy the Happy Meal!
    I find myself on Facebook every time I go on the computer which is quite sad considering that I’ve barely touched my homework pile. By the way, I nearly peed my pants when I saw all the quizzes you did, they all seemed to contradict each other in a morbid way (no, that didn’t make sense at all but I just wanted to use the word).
    And finally, I love how you look in photos – oh so mischievous.

    Ew you nearly peed your pants? DON’T ADVERTISE THAT! And yep, “morbid” is a helluva word. The quizzes are fun! Some of them are spelt badly or have ghastly grammar but nonetheless they’re fun! Oh and speaking of photos, you should put on Facebook (unless you have already) the random ones you did for me.

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