Eunice’s Baptism

I suppose I could’ve titled this post with some form of dedication to God, but I’d be kidding myself.

Today was Eunice’s baptism. I picked up Carmaine and we went to the Wattle Park Chapel together. Saw Eunice and Pooki there, all dressed in their robes (robes?) and excited. I met Priscilla (okay look, different one from Fel’s, and I don’t know how to spell the name anymore) as well as Mandy. Everyone were rather friendly and happy. It’s a happy occasion.

Fel came in halfway through and had to leave halfway through. But mostly it was interesting sitting in the pews (pews? I am very clearly not religious) and listening to everyone’s testimony about how they found God. There were 11 people getting baptised today, and quite a few of them got really emotional halfway through. Good for them.

While the mood of the testimonies was really heavy, when the baptism actually came there seemed to be a huge weight lifted from the chapel (which, by the way, was a beautiful chapel. Carmaine and I both agreed on that). Pooki kicked off the baptisms, and Eunice was third. Her dad was the one who also helped (helped? Look…bear with me) baptise her, and when he started on his scripted part, he looked at Eunice meaningfully and said, “Eunice?”

“Yes?” said Eunice, staring straight back at her dad. It was such a serious moment between father and daughter that somehow made it kind of funny.

After the ceremony ended and photos began, Carmaine and I went and took some family shots and friend shots (I refrained from saying BRuCE shots as Bee wasn’t there). Then we left Eunice to sneeze into the flowers given to her, and we sat outside the chapel on the stairs and waited. We could hear Eunice inside laughing. Everytime Eunice laughed we both said to each other, “That was Eunice laughing.” So yeah, she does have a distinct laugh.

They went to Eunice’s place afterwards for a BBQ, I had to go to Chadstone with my parents (took the 767 which confused me for a bit as there were 2 bus stops within 30 meters of each other and I really didn’t see the point until luckily I realized my bus only goes to 1 of them). I got a Country Road bag. Yes, I remember how much I despise Country Road bags. But I want another bag other than my school bag, and frankly I’m not up for a long search through Chadstone to find a cheap bag that suits my needs. This one looks pretty good and, as my mom noted, it actually matches one of my jackets (red and black checkered one. The bag matches the jacket in the sense that it’s basically the same).

That’s it for today. 1 more week of holidays and unfortunately I’m going out most of the days so I don’t know when I’ll get a chance to actually finish/start my homework.


3 thoughts on “Eunice’s Baptism

  1. Never been to a baptism before but I would like to someday.
    Country Road bag…I don’t know what I can say, what would you have said six months ago?

    You should attend one. I mean, it’s good to learn about stuff like that as well. Cultural experience. And, six months ago I would’ve probably only accepted one as a gift (I have values, not stupidity) but I hardly would’ve looked at where the bags are. Nah this one is kinda pretty though.

  2. omg now i get what BRuCE stands for, tres cool
    but yeah baptisms are really quaint little ceremonies,
    i had mine in grade 1 but i still had no idea really what the significance of it was
    funnily enough, now i’m kinda agnostic much to my mother’s chagrin (are you religious?)
    interesting how you spell mom the american way
    year 12 ain’t too bad but i’ll bring you back something cool from NY anyway!

    You JUST figured it out?! OH MY GOD! GOSH! Whatever. And no I’m Agnostic. I think Agnostic is kinda like “I don’t wanna be tied down but just in case, I don’t wanna burn in hell forever either”. And I first learned English in an American International school and…I think that covers all my bases. Yeah have fun at NY and take lots of photos! You’re gonna bring me something cool? That involves seeing me again, doesn’t it?


  3. country road bag?

    i guess eunice and i are the only cool ones since bianca has one as well.


    Aw thanks I knew you’d love it.

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