Want a Laugh?

To think Emma Watson was the only one who turned out decent looking. Rupert Grint wasn’t bad in the 4th and 5th movies but now…and don’t get me started on what the hell happened to Daniel Radcliffe.


/edit Actually, no, here are some more:

Lol at how metrosexual Radcliffe looks. I’m not sure if this is the actual picture, it looks a bit photoshopped.

Oh no, that was the actual shoot:

So, I won’t actually be that surprised if someone tells me Radcliffe has turned gay.

11 thoughts on “Want a Laugh?

  1. AHHHH! RUPERT GRINT! 😀 I like Rupert.
    …but LOL at Daniel Radcliffe.

    I thought that you’d probably give me huge grief for my comment on Grint but you didn’t.

  2. You know, I’d agree with you that the Teen Vogue photoshoot probably wasn’t Dan’s most flattering look, but he’s an actor. He was playing the part the photographer asked him to play. He’s actually a very mature, intelligent, articulate guy who dresses – when not “on duty” so to speak – like any other typical young adult male. I’ve seen him a few times away from film premieres and stage productions and what you see in that photo is not what you see for his on personal wardrobe choices.

    I’ll be very surprised if he “turns gay” as you called it, but you know what? If he does, I’ll still have just as much respect and admiration for him then as I do now. He’s a great guy and a fantastic actor.

    Hey. You’re right, because I haven’t seen him outside of what the media has shown me, I can’t make an actual informed remark about him. But on the other hand, how come the photographer didn’t ask Grint to wear that kind of clothes? It’s because Radcliffe has allowed the media to portray him like that. Then again, it isn’t easy when you’re Harry Potter. And, regarding your last sentence: I won’t say I’ll have less respect for him if he “turns gay” (I don’t know why you used inverted commas, but I’ll do it too) that’s not really my main concern, my point was that again he’d let himself be portrayed as a very metrosexual guy.

  3. I still think Daniel Radcliffe is kind of hot .. but still a bit queer.
    Then again, nobody trusts my judgement of guys these days ..


  4. HOMG that picture with radcliffe cross-legged in the middle…MASSIVE LOL.

    neh, i disagree. the clothing choice is alright. keep in mind it’s a magazine shoot anyway.

    and why is it always daniel and emma….and rupert? haha, poor guy.

  5. Poor Rupert is right! Obviously the photographers have never read the Potter books since it’s Ron who ends up with Hermione.

  6. Defluffe here, sorry I couldn’t be bothered logging in.

    No I think that Grint and Watson had alright clothes but Radcliffe could’ve gone better.

    And actually, maybe Watson was paired with Radcliffe purely because their hair went better together. Cos Grint and Watson both have light colored hair. Although I think they still look better together anwyay. But that’s just my shallow opinion.


    If I was a straight guy I would tap that. =P

    I think that curly wurly is kicking in.

    HAHAHA oh my god that’s really funny! But I agree, if I were a straight guy I’d tap that, too. First.

  8. Not sure how to make this comment reply to your comment in response to mine, but my inverted commas (quotation marks) were there because I was quoting your phrase about turning gay. And I still say the clothes are all about acting the part the photographer has asked of him. Dan once said in an interview that if he accepts a part, he does what the script calls for, and that means doing it even if it’s something outside his comfort zone. Rupert’s clothes aren’t as bad as Dan’s, but they’re certainly not what he’d normally wear either if left to his own choices.

    I suppose that is true. I’ve seen a few shots of Rupert, who likes the sort of baggy “gangsta” clothes. And it is a measure of Radcliffe’s acting capabilities, isn’t it, that he can act something that is not himself.

  9. maybe they wered tring to make d.r. look preppy…?

    but woah emma watson does look hot. I didn’t really see it in the movie but here it’s sort of more in your face.

  10. actually radcliffe has potential with the right clothes.

    his jaw line reminds me of chuck bass.

    The thing about Watson is it’s not just makeup she’s good looking naturally, too. Lol and about Chuck Bass; firstly, you did NOT just mention Gossip Girl on my blog. Secondly, I don’t really like the Chuck Bass sort of face. It’s hypocritical I know because Tom Welling has a wide jaw as well but Welling is also nearly 2 meters tall.

  11. *gossip girl* thought I’d mention it again XD

    I didn’t like mr.bass at first, then I grew to love him. Personality dahling.

    Don’t call me Dahling. You had another name.

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