That Rotound Asswipe

I don’t know if I spelt that word right, but I’m pretty sure it’s a word.

Alright, so what had happened?

This morning, as I was getting off the train at Flinders Station, the train braked in the way that trains do and I sort of stumbled sideways, and into this fat bitch – oh no, apologies, this “horizontally endowned female with a differently-abled set of social-interaction abilities” (for the sake of fast typing and reading, I will still call her “the fat bitch”).

Being polite, I quickly said, “Sorry!” and stepped off the train. Behind me I heard her say, “What was that?!” But I didn’t take notice. I mean, I hadn’t really fallen on her THAT hard – honestly, I’d bounced off a bit myself.

I went around behind the billboards and was about to board the escalator, when suddenly The Fat Bitch was by my side. She deliberately shoved into me, and looked down (she was fat and tall) and with enough sarcasm to choke a large horse, said, “Oh. SORRY.” To get to me, the Asswipe would have had to squeeze through the hoard of people that’d appeared between her and myself, and more or less HUNTED ME DOWN and then shove me. I mean, what in the name of FUCK was that about?! Get over it!

Later on, I got so pissed thinking about it, I thought that I should’ve feigned being pushed over really hard, and stuck my foot out to trip her. Gravity will probably do the rest of the work for me.

Well, I take comfort in knowing that Karma will work her mojo and maybe that Fat Bitch would’ve gotten what she deserved.

And, before Bianca starts telling me off for not being rude or mean to heavy people, and try to convince me to see things her way: I don’t give a shit. I did NOT push into her that hard, I apologized politely, and she was downright honestly fat and a bitch. You can only compromize so much before you’re letting yourself be taken advantage of.

That’s it for today. Other stuff happened too but that was the main gripe.