Today at lunchtime, Dani brought Andrew to school again. By again I mean he was there yesterday in the Common Room from recess to lunch (and apparently got mistaken for me a few times) and by “brought” I mean “snuck in”.

Also, Etah, Dani’s roomie’s hyperactive mutt, was brought along for a walk.

So, Andrew and Dani got sushi and ate behind the gym, hidden from view by the water tank. Etah was leashed to the garage door (which thankfully stayed closed and therefore down).

Anyway, towards the end of lunch when Andrew had finished eating, he let Etah off the leash. It was fun watching the dog run around with Andrew until Etah bolted for it, around the water tank and into the Lakeside courtyard.

Dani shouted, horrified, “Baby! (Andrew) Don’t let the dog into the SCHOOL!”

Andrew started running after Etah, but stopped short. He couldn’t reveal himself.

So Dani chased after the happy fugitive, with April in tow. I followed them, infinitely amused, and watched as the two of them chased hopelessly after the dog which bolted for freedom. Etah was ecstatically running circles around the couryard, and April and Dani were running after it, flapping their arms in futile attempts to fly and shouting “COME BACK DOG! COME BACK!” all the while to an audience of bewildered and also very amused MacRobbians. I laughed, of course. Then Etah started bolting towards me, so I quickly let it chase me back to Andrew, who leashed the very excited mutt.

That was most definitely the funniest part of the day. If only I had the chase scene on film.