To be in Love…or not to be?

For the last 2 weeks in Chinese school we’d been doing practises for our upcoming SAC which is the oral. In the oral we’re meant to persuade our parents (as performed by our teacher) to allow us to do a certain something.

(By the way, I know I said I’d write like Dom for this blog. I thought about it. I’d rather stay sane.)

This week, my partner and myself are to perform “Should teenagers date in high school?”

And the really depressing part was, as I was preparing for it (I didn’t get far. I have Chinese school this afternoon and I still don’t know what I’m saying) I realize I can’t actually think of 5 good logical reasons why teenagers SHOULD date in high school because actually, there aren’t that many solid arguments.

So far, I have:

You can help each other with homework (easily debunkable)

He can keep you safe (assuming the oral is performed by a girl which I am. Oh wait I just read that again. Ha)

It is a part of social life that everyone has to experience

All my friends are doing it

But the thing is, I have a strong conviction that dating isn’t necessarily BAD in high school. I mean if it makes you happy, and you’re responsible enough to be…well responsible, then I don’t see the problem. But of course if you get right down to it, there are a million reasons for parents to say no and very little for them to say yes.

Anyway, wish me luck for my presentation. It’s nothing official so I don’t really care but, still, I don’t want to fuck up either.


4 thoughts on “To be in Love…or not to be?

  1. Hmm, I think dating in high school is good, cause if you want to take it seriously, by all means do so. But it also prepare you for what dating is like. You wouldn’t want to get to uni, be 18 and whatnot, get asked out by a guy/girl and not sure of yourself, your body, or what to do/expect to be done. Just my two cents.

    Oh wow I’d forgotten about this piece. May 2009 haha. Anyway well, looking back onto that as a Uni student now, I think that dating in High School really was something I should’ve tried to do. ‘Cos in High School you can just I don’t know, have a 2 week relationship and it’s okay because all High School kids change their mind and whatnot, so who cares…but in Uni, everyone’s more serious and some are even going to settle down…not to mention all the good ones are all taken in High School.

  2. Hahaha, yes exactly. Just Like ULA!!! (pregnant by the way).

    Which reminds me. I had a friend, who, in year 7 or 8, got a boy friend for THREE days. After that three days… he kissed her… and she… punched him in the face.

  3. Wait what?! She said she’d hold off having kids until mid 20s!! Guess that didn’t happen. How far along is she?!

  4. I assume she got pregnant on her honey moon, so do the math :S

    I really really thought she was gonna wait til she’s in her mid 20s! Doing the maths…so she’s just over 3 months in? I think I will text her soon and yeah try to meet up with her while she’s preggers and ask her what it’s like.

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