I fold!

I have avoided any mention of the Swine Flu since it came out because I was hoping at least one blog wouldn’t mention it somewhere. But hey look, I fold.

MHS has 2 guys who have Swine Flu. Apparently it came from the Junior Social (which OF COURSE I was NOT at) where a MGC girl who has it went there, made out with…well okay the point is 2 MHS guys have it. And I’m rather worried because MHS is quite closely linked with MacRob (take it how you may) and yeah, what’s gonna happen now? Plus, you may remember, I was hanging out with DOM and MHS BOY yesterday. Am I infected?


9 thoughts on “I fold!

  1. Would you get off school if it does reach Macrob?
    And didn’t you befriend a “very sick” Year 11 yesterday?

    Well, actually, and this I learned only after I blogged this morning: MacRob has 2 Yr 9s who have been taken in for testing, and are currently under quarantine. No we’re not getting closed down, they’re not closing down any more schools because it’s not doing anything for the mass contagion, so yeah. And yes I did befriend a Yr 11 with a cold. No she doesn’t have swine flu I hope.

  2. oh noes, and i thought we were safe down here in the southeast where all the sine fluers are up in the northwest!

    here’s hoping you won’t get it, else you’ll take it down here with you ;(

    Sine flu? And yeah I hope I don’t have it either. I mean it’s treatable but what an inconvenience! I was just saying that if MacRob/MHS gets swine flu, most of the metropolitan Melbourne will get it.

  3. oh shyt!
    sine flu =O thats like TWICE as BAD as cosine flu …
    ceebs swine flu
    i wanna buy a dust mask so i can look gangster

  4. Omg you did NOT just make a trig joke on MY BLOG! But lol yaeh the inverse of sine flu is the cosine flu. I don’t know what that means but yeah.

    Don’t buy a dust mask. You’ll look contagious and be locked up.

  5. i actually think i’ve contracted it. i googled the symptoms today and i’ve beeen having all of them! my oh my oh myyyyyyyy kill me now! (before swine flu does)
    fuck its the worse!
    and er, to sneakerologist:
    i think you should read this.


    love you ruyi

    Wow you named your blog Life in Technicolor. So smart. So suave. Well, MacRob isn’t really DOING anything. They just sent out a notice saying “Come to school” so…a bit dodgy I reckon. They’re just trying to keep up pretenses of a good school, but this is serious bullshit. Anyway, what’s gonna happen to the SACs? Our school didn’t even plan properly. And Carolyn, the first symptoms of the swine flu is identical to that of normal flu. Regardless, if you’re feeling crook, go to GP and get yourself tested. You know Dom? He’s home on the Tami Flu.

  6. I just did a quick google search for “macrobertson swine flu” and guess what! Yours was the 2 result. LOL.

    Wait, you googled “MacRobertson Swine flu” and my blog came up!?

  7. ^ i came past this blog
    cause i googled “swine flue macrob”
    HOPING that somehow over the weekend,
    they found someone with swine flue
    and i wouldnt have to do my physics test on tuesday T_T
    i guess not..

    Haha yeah apparently if you google “swine flu macrob” or “swine flu mhs” I’m the 2nd result.

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