The injustice of it all…

MHS has been closed down for a week (I’ve heard this from 2 rather reliable sources. One of them dates a MHS boy the other IS a MHS boy).

MacRob, however, is not.

Christina and I were in Chinese when I got the news from Catherine, and Christina prompted complained, “Why can’t we just get some Yr 9s to go pash some MHS guys so we can get a week off school?”

Political incorrectnesss and just plain meanness aside, I agree with her.

MHS is PRACTICALLY MacRob, disease-wise. If they get closed down why can’t we? Sure, they have 6 confirmed cases and we have 2 awaitng test results and me who is feeling a bit feverish, but still.

The one good thing that’s come out of this partial closure is that at least Flinders St in the mornings won’t be crowded by juniors and their boyfriends/wannabe boyfriends/wannabes.


3 thoughts on “The injustice of it all…

  1. lols mhs is win
    i think the tamiflu is working ==”
    the coughing is annoying tho

    Dear Parent/Carer

    The Department of Education (DEECD) has advised us today that as a student at each Year level has contracted H1 N1 Influenza the School will be closed as a precautionary measure. MHS will re-open on Thursday June 4. If the situation should change, requiring the school to continue to remain closed, you will be contacted as soon as possible. All students should limit their activities outside of their homes until they receive further information from Department of Human Service (DHS) or the school.

    We are currently working with DHS to identify any students who may have been in prolonged contact (over several hours) with these students during the last week. Once these students are identified, their families will be contacted. DHS will provide these students with Tamiflu and ask these students to enter into voluntary quarantine. There is no need for children other than those contacted by DHS to take Tamiflu as a preventative medication.

    DHS is advising that current cases are exhibiting mild symptoms of illness, similar to a range of other flu viruses that are common during winter. Good general hygiene is an important part of preventing the spread of H1N1. Please reinforce with your children the importance of washing their hands and covering their nose and mouth with tissues if sneezing and coughing.

    The School will post any updated general advice on its website under the OURS menu (access by clicking on the OURS header) and via our OURS email distribution list. Please check this advice regularly and contact the School if you need any other support.

    As all students are about to commence an examination period, teachers will make arrangements for home study and revision. This material will be available electronically via the School intranet portal. Your son will be aware of how to access this. If your son does not have access to the Internet at home please contact his Learning Coordinator.

    To ensure that students are not adversely impacted by the closure we will adjust the School schedule for the remainder of the term and this will be distributed later this week. VCE assessment tasks scheduled for June 1-3 will be deferred. We have been in contact with VCAA and will provide advice on any special arrangements for VCE studies with external mid-year examinations. At present we believe these will proceed on June 9-11 as scheduled.

    Thank you for your understanding during this difficult period.

    J. Ludowyke

    Yes thank you. I do read your Facebook you know. And okay so basically we’ve got 1 possible one in Yr 9. We gotta go infect a Yr 10, a Yr 11, and see if I have it, and then we can close down?


    sighhhh, i so could do with a week offffffffff 😦

    oh yes it is quite cool isnt it πŸ˜›
    i use
    make a playlist and use a code to insert on my page πŸ™‚
    xo and yes i willl make sure i get weell soon!

    Thanks for the link! I woke up late today ‘cos I decided to take a day off just in case, so I missed the MHS story.

  3. holy crap this place has changed >.>
    yeh i posted that thing on my fb too lol woops

    Yep underwent some appearance changes basically to make the music player thing look like it belongs.

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