Today while I was in the Glen shopping centre bathroom washing my hands, I looked up into the mirror and there was this thing on the mirror, with the words “Self Eye Test” above an empty box (drawn on) and underneath, the right hand side of the box says “healthy eye” and the left hand side of the box says “sick eye” and then it explained how you can’t tell just by looking which eye is sick.

I didn’t get it, until I realized the stuck-on writing was meant for someone much taller than me, as my eyes in the reflection weren’t even close to the writing, let alone the box where your eyes are meant to look back at you.

Secondly, in Jack’s, I realized all this time Jack thought I was a Yr 11.



To be in Love…or not to be?

For the last 2 weeks in Chinese school we’d been doing practises for our upcoming SAC which is the oral. In the oral we’re meant to persuade our parents (as performed by our teacher) to allow us to do a certain something.

(By the way, I know I said I’d write like Dom for this blog. I thought about it. I’d rather stay sane.)

This week, my partner and myself are to perform “Should teenagers date in high school?”

And the really depressing part was, as I was preparing for it (I didn’t get far. I have Chinese school this afternoon and I still don’t know what I’m saying) I realize I can’t actually think of 5 good logical reasons why teenagers SHOULD date in high school because actually, there aren’t that many solid arguments.

So far, I have:

You can help each other with homework (easily debunkable)

He can keep you safe (assuming the oral is performed by a girl which I am. Oh wait I just read that again. Ha)

It is a part of social life that everyone has to experience

All my friends are doing it

But the thing is, I have a strong conviction that dating isn’t necessarily BAD in high school. I mean if it makes you happy, and you’re responsible enough to be…well responsible, then I don’t see the problem. But of course if you get right down to it, there are a million reasons for parents to say no and very little for them to say yes.

Anyway, wish me luck for my presentation. It’s nothing official so I don’t really care but, still, I don’t want to fuck up either.



Today at lunchtime, Dani brought Andrew to school again. By again I mean he was there yesterday in the Common Room from recess to lunch (and apparently got mistaken for me a few times) and by “brought” I mean “snuck in”.

Also, Etah, Dani’s roomie’s hyperactive mutt, was brought along for a walk.

So, Andrew and Dani got sushi and ate behind the gym, hidden from view by the water tank. Etah was leashed to the garage door (which thankfully stayed closed and therefore down).

Anyway, towards the end of lunch when Andrew had finished eating, he let Etah off the leash. It was fun watching the dog run around with Andrew until Etah bolted for it, around the water tank and into the Lakeside courtyard.

Dani shouted, horrified, “Baby! (Andrew) Don’t let the dog into the SCHOOL!”

Andrew started running after Etah, but stopped short. He couldn’t reveal himself.

So Dani chased after the happy fugitive, with April in tow. I followed them, infinitely amused, and watched as the two of them chased hopelessly after the dog which bolted for freedom. Etah was ecstatically running circles around the couryard, and April and Dani were running after it, flapping their arms in futile attempts to fly and shouting “COME BACK DOG! COME BACK!” all the while to an audience of bewildered and also very amused MacRobbians. I laughed, of course. Then Etah started bolting towards me, so I quickly let it chase me back to Andrew, who leashed the very excited mutt.

That was most definitely the funniest part of the day. If only I had the chase scene on film.


What in the name of burning fuck?!

2 things today.

1. Lost my wallet. No, no, had someone NICK IT, most likely.

2. Another fibre of netting snipped.

So, what in the name of BURNING FUCK IS GOING ON?! Why can’t things just be calm, settled, and goddamn GOOD?! Why must shit happen?

So yeah, hope things get better. Things have to get better.


P.S. Thanks to everyone who offered pictures, music and copies of stories. You guys rock!

That Rotound Asswipe

I don’t know if I spelt that word right, but I’m pretty sure it’s a word.

Alright, so what had happened?

This morning, as I was getting off the train at Flinders Station, the train braked in the way that trains do and I sort of stumbled sideways, and into this fat bitch – oh no, apologies, this “horizontally endowned female with a differently-abled set of social-interaction abilities” (for the sake of fast typing and reading, I will still call her “the fat bitch”).

Being polite, I quickly said, “Sorry!” and stepped off the train. Behind me I heard her say, “What was that?!” But I didn’t take notice. I mean, I hadn’t really fallen on her THAT hard – honestly, I’d bounced off a bit myself.

I went around behind the billboards and was about to board the escalator, when suddenly The Fat Bitch was by my side. She deliberately shoved into me, and looked down (she was fat and tall) and with enough sarcasm to choke a large horse, said, “Oh. SORRY.” To get to me, the Asswipe would have had to squeeze through the hoard of people that’d appeared between her and myself, and more or less HUNTED ME DOWN and then shove me. I mean, what in the name of FUCK was that about?! Get over it!

Later on, I got so pissed thinking about it, I thought that I should’ve feigned being pushed over really hard, and stuck my foot out to trip her. Gravity will probably do the rest of the work for me.

Well, I take comfort in knowing that Karma will work her mojo and maybe that Fat Bitch would’ve gotten what she deserved.

And, before Bianca starts telling me off for not being rude or mean to heavy people, and try to convince me to see things her way: I don’t give a shit. I did NOT push into her that hard, I apologized politely, and she was downright honestly fat and a bitch. You can only compromize so much before you’re letting yourself be taken advantage of.

That’s it for today. Other stuff happened too but that was the main gripe.



So, I got my computer back on Sunday.

Remember how I’d said I may have lost some files, but hopefully they’ve been backed up?

Apparently not. I’ve lost every single one of my files, yet my parents have kept all of their’s. The injustice is that they barely look at their’s, and my files…my files made up a large part of who I am, and what I’ve done to reach this.

I’ve lost all the stories and work I’ve done over the years. (Including Guardian Angel, which I wonder who still has copies of) I’ve lost all my drawings and photos, including a huge Smallville picture database (which means I have to go stalk Tom Welling and Kristen Kreuk on Google Images again), everything that I’ve collected from Carmaine as well as most of the really hard to retrieve pictures from 2006 and 2007.


Most of all.

I’ve lost all my music.

Actually, my music is probably the one thing that I can get back most easily. But that’s not actually my point.

Well, so I suppose the next few¬† months would consist of me slowly building up my files again. We should be getting a new computer, a new…BETTER computer so I can start again there. I’ll try to find everything again, maybe I still have some of my best short stories on my USB. I’ll stretch my resources thin tryng to get back photos. I’ll have to start recollecting all of my lyrics as well as my guitar tabs and so forth (God that’ll be painful. But at least it means I get an opportunity to start a proper categorized folder for it).

I suppose I can catch everyone up on how my progress in recollecting my past 6 years is. And it’s a good thing I’d posted those 2 chapters up (I hadn’t really written any more than that).

So, whinge over, time to get on with it.

Other than that, things are going well in life. Well, as in, I suppose there are things I want to say, problems I want to have solved, but my saying them wouldn’t necessarily solve the problems, and solving the problems won’t necessarily stop my urge from saying those things, still. I am happy, mostly, so that’s what’s important.


For You In Full Blossom

A.k.a. Hanazakari no Kimitachi e. A.K.A. Hana Kimi.

I watched it 2 years ago, when it came out. Twice. But just this weekend I’d gotten legit copies of it so I’ve been watching it again.

Right, so the reason I haven’t blogged in such a long time is because of this:

Firstly, my net capped. As per usual when my net caps, I wait until the new month to blog, because WordPress takes a while to load on a capped net. However, just a few days ago my computer decided to die on me. Apparently viruses finally got the better of it. We’d taken it to a family friend’s so he can reformat it (and hopefully back up all my files somewhere) but yeah it’s pretty sad not having the computer there. Walking into the study and seeing the empty space where the CPU used to be, it’s like walking into a room where someone had just moved out forever. Well it’s coming back but I still miss it.

As a result, I can’t go online at all, except at school, which is where I am right now, writing a delayed blog post. I can’t go on Facebook, and as Emily had noted I have been absent on MSN for a long time (which is how she figured something was wrong with my computer). I shudder at how many notifications I’d have to sort through when I get back. OR, alternatively and true to FML, I’d go back and realize I don’t have a single notification from a friend asking for my whereabouts. I’m reading a lot more now (what else can I do?) so the other day, neglecting to read my school set texts of In the Lake of the Woods and Hard Times, or not even finish my Hitchhiker’s Guide series, I borrowed a teen novel called Unwind, as well as Frankenstein and The Green Mile by Steven King. No idea if I will finish any of those, considering I should get my computer back soon.

So so, what has been happening in my life outside of my technological setback?

On Tuesday, school started late because of the parent-teacher interview the evening prior. BRuCE went to school early to make breakfast in the Common Room (Eunice had found a recipe for microwave omelette) only to find others with similar ideas. Except Sanj. Sanj went to school early because she thought she was being on time.

We heated up soup, and then Eunice made the omelette, which was really nice Рtotally worth making the Common Room smell like onions Рand then, since the Yr 9s were having a year level breakfast, all their left over food came to us. So we have 7 2L bottles of milk and 3 large tins of Milo at our disposal. We even went as far as THANKING the Yr 9s for their contribution.

On Wednesday I had my hair cut. It’s not that big a deal but I have to style it now. It’s the 2nd day with the haircut but I’m still receiving a few compliments. Yay! Again, totally worth waking up 10 minutes early just to do my hair.

Tomorrow I start my English tutoring at Tye for Hard Times, which is a problem seeing as I haven’t really READ THE BOOK! I wonder if that’ll matter. Oh wel the shit will come when it comes.

My cousin’s birthday was last week, I don’t know if I mentioned. I called her up over the weekend and we had a talk, and then started to exchange emails. It’s pretty nice to be in touch with my cousin again, I feel. Hopefully it’s the same for her. I should probably give her the link to this blog when I frequent my entries again.

Well, here comes May. Time seems to be playing tricks. For a period of time it seems like the week will never end, yet we’ve stepped into May, nearly halfway through. I am loving my time with my friends now more than ever, because I am often being told by last year’s Yr 12s that after graduation you hardly get to see your friends. I really really don’t want to be distanced from my best friends.

Ahhh too sentimental. I have to write this quickly because I may not get another chance to blog until after the weekend (hopefully computer will be back by my next entry).


To be able to discern the re-twining of the netting in our safety net, I feel much more at ease. Four pairs of hands, and four hearts and minds are simply so much stronger and efficient.