Another another disclaimer

Sneaks was sort of hinting at it so I’ve decided to officially announce that:

Yes, Chapter 3 is coming! I have a week off next week during which I can tap out the rest of Chapter 3. Chapter 4 should follow soon after seeing as I’ve done half of both. (Don’t ask why I did that).

Also, it’s occured to me that on Facebook only the first part of my blog is shown on my profile page. Unfortunately the previous one cut off at “…the perpetual gayness that is Bel and Julia…” and didn’t show my repeated assertations that they’re not gay. So whoever read that small intro would’ve gotten a really wrong idea. From now on I’ll be careful to write a teaser/summary in the first few lines, and then get into it.

By the way, they don’t like the name Julinda. I thought it was awesome. Apparently a lot of people don’t like it.

Some humor just go by unnoticed.


3 thoughts on “Another another disclaimer

  1. You give me something to look forward to on the holidays.
    I can’t stop listening to your playlist. It’s sweet as.

    Just like me. ‘Cos I roll like dat.

  2. aww doesnt it suck when humour goes by unnoticed…
    like today i was talking to my frd after the english sac about how much we wrote.
    he was all like
    “it all came out so easy!”
    and i was like
    “thats what she said!”
    but no one else was around to hear my call . . .

    LOL I’ll laugh for you. That was not bad.

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