I’m a dick…I’m addicted to you…

While I was thinking of a snappy title I remembered that weird-ass song by Simple Plan.

So, going with a non-my-life-is-shit-because blogging style, I think I might share a few things that I’m quite into at the moment.

Firstly, and I know it’s disgusting that I’m eating it for breakfast, but I love MICROWAVE POPCORN!

I especially like how sometimes, because the flavor isn’t distributed properly, one particular popcorn would taste saltier and greasier than the others. Mm, cholestrole…

Speaking of cholestrole and heaps of salt, I like those Campbell’s CHUNKY canned soup things. You know that ad “Fully loaded man’s got ball of meat”? Well at least I think that’s how the ad goes. It’s a random-Panda ad (ok ok I’m trying to get something caught on here. Random-Panda, or if you say it fast it enough “Randa-Panda”) but the soup is quite nice, if you get past the momentary blindness from the soup. No no no I’m kidding.

Okay that wasn’t quite the one I was looking for, but it’s close enough.

Speaking of manly (loving my segways?), there is a duo that’s NOT SO MANLY but still pretty fully-loaded. Yes I’m speaking about the HAMISH AND ANDY SHOW! Specifically, their Podcasts.

Because you don’t look stupid enough on the train bopping to your music, but to actually be trying to suppress a very creepy smile when listening to Hamish trying to read Fred Baset while being chased down by cars…

TETRIS! No segway there but they don’t NEED one!

(Whoever was playing that during the screen shot is an epic noob…I mean LOOK AT IT!)

I’ve been trying to beat my best score of 1:38 on Tetrisfriends Sprint for about a month now. I know the time is quite shit, compared to oh, Dom’s 58 seconds, but I’m trying my best okay?!

Yu-Gi-Oh, the Abridged Series. I’ve watched most of the episodes, and yes, I have been quoting “ATTENTION DUELISTS! MY HAIR IS NOW AN INTERNET PHENOMENON!”

And finally, I know this is a waste of time, I’m addicted to uberly long phone calls. I’ve been calling (or have been called by) Catherine for nearly every night and we’re just chatting and chatting and I’m not letting her study. Which is shit for her because she has an exam on Wednesday. But phone conversations are awesome, and as Train said, “Can you imagine no…five hour phone conversations, the best soy latte that you ever had, and me?”

I thought that was a funny picture, because that’s what Catherine’s probably doing every time.

Well, that’s all for today. Just wanted to update and be awesome, as always.

NCIS and HIMYM finished for the season (like, a week ago, but anyway) and so right now I’m just catching up on Merlin and Ghost Whisperer. I suppose I should put those two on as well.

Could her shirt  BE any more open?


6 thoughts on “I’m a dick…I’m addicted to you…

  1. How very interesting. I’m not a fan of the soup but all the rest are quite awesome. Talking about manly, what do you think about Andy’s ponytail?

    I didn’t see nor hear about that…

  2. Cholesterol ? lolol. this is cool. i might do this sometime when i feel like wasting time lol.
    i havent tried that chunky soup… it looks too manly for me LOL. oh i miss tetris! my ds doesnt work =/
    attention duelists! my hair is getting assaulted!!
    jennifer love hewitt cleavage ==”

    Cos you left it out in the rain? The DS I meant not her cleavage or your hair…You should try the soup it’s awesome.

  3. Why are you spelling cholesterol like that?

    Anyway, thankyou for the good luck/well done message.

    I think it went well 😀

    I was spelling it like that because I was doing it wrong. Haha. Apparently it’s Segue not Segway. Frankly I find “segway” better, because “segue” looks poisonous. And it took me a while to remember the DesdeDani joke. Welcome back, by the way. Relax now.

  4. a very random post….microwave popcorns are nice =D

    Random is good sometimes. Lightens the mood, no?

  5. haha you should be paid for this..right now you’re doing some fantastic free advertising

    ditto on the popcorn thing…when I’m sharing with greg, I always dig out the ones coated in “butter” and then give the rest to him..luckily he hasnt noticed yet…

    Fatty. 😛

  6. I SEE BOOBIES. Potentially bigger than some beasts that I know of. 😉

    HI RUYI! Haven’t seen you since…3 hours ago. Have a ‘swell’ weekend and write some intense literature (and don’t forget chinese homework).


    Haha you used “swell”. That’s brilliant. And yeah I think they MIGHT be bigger, but look I can’t be sure. Beasts are beasts. Have fun at Cruzik’s place.

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