It took me 20 minutes of Googling to get the game, because I forgot the name of the game, and the name of the game wasn’t something obvious like “exploding circles”…

But Boomshine is a kickass game! It’s addictive, and the background music is awesome.

I won’t put up a specific link here, because you can easily Google “Boomshine” and all the first few links link you to the game.

Play it! To relieve stress. Not really it’s really stressful. But it’s fun. And it sounds good.

Have fun!

Oh and, if you have very slow internet it might be a problem because of the colors and the music. But try anyway.


I even locked myself up…

Sneaks, you  better be bloody pleased!

Chapter 3 of my newly re-titled “Writing Project” is up. It’s no longer summer, so duh.

I’m pushing to get Chapter 4 out today as well, but that’s probably not going to happen. I want to actually write goot, not just fanfic crap.

I got heaps of hits yesterday because of the George Clooney thing. I felt bad because I wasn’t ACTUALLY writing about anything interesting, just what I did. But kudos to the people who shared their ideas! I loved the George Clooney sleeps with 500-600 male bees one.

I even got linked to this thing called Stumbleupon. And if you google “George Clooney GAT prank” my blog is the third.

Ah, attention from strangers, lovely.

To sum up, Chapter 3 is up. Yes, there might have been some influences from ITLOW…