I even locked myself up…

Sneaks, you  better be bloody pleased!

Chapter 3 of my newly re-titled “Writing Project” is up. It’s no longer summer, so duh.

I’m pushing to get Chapter 4 out today as well, but that’s probably not going to happen. I want to actually write goot, not just fanfic crap.

I got heaps of hits yesterday because of the George Clooney thing. I felt bad because I wasn’t ACTUALLY writing about anything interesting, just what I did. But kudos to the people who shared their ideas! I loved the George Clooney sleeps with 500-600 male bees one.

I even got linked to this thing called Stumbleupon. And if you google “George Clooney GAT prank” my blog is the third.

Ah, attention from strangers, lovely.

To sum up, Chapter 3 is up. Yes, there might have been some influences from ITLOW…


2 thoughts on “I even locked myself up…

  1. “I want to actually write goot, not just fanfic crap.”
    fanfics LOL
    very goot
    i glanced it and saw the word vampire. ill assume that its twilight.
    lol jkz
    ill read it later when im unraped by sacs

    Do not DARE to compare my work to Twilight.

  2. ive never actually read twilight.
    now i know how to piss u off =]
    compare ur writing to twilight !!
    muahahha *evil laugh

    And I’ll compare Leah Dizon to something despicably crap. Oh yes. I will go there.

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