You can still be a prostitute if you want…

Wow this is my second Prostitute related post.

Today we had Regeneration Day, where basically we get to wind down and be motivated to keep going after mid years.

I won’t go into detail about what happened, because they were mostly just speakers. Actually it was just speakers. The first guy, Dobbo, was a very engaging speaker. He trained the likes of Grant Hackett (which he reminds us of constantly). Great guy, and had a lot of insight onto the psyche of girls and guys, and how to tackle problems etc.

Had 2 ex-MacRob speakers come in to tell us about their life after high school, and then had a cop come in telling us about “Safe Partying” which seemed redundant. Especially the part where they were saying how it’s illegal for under 18s to drink and have fake IDs. Yeah, nah.

Then had Lawrence Leung come in! Highlight of the day. Pity he didn’t actually talk much he only just showed us the final ep of his “Choose Your Own Adventure” TV show and told us that we can do whatever we want, it’s okay not to know now. He had (on the show) a crossbow made out of cardboard tubes and some rocket fuel stuff that shot out flames. Ace.

I won’t be able to blog for a little while, maybe until the end of the week. Can’t be bothered going into reasons, but basically yeah.

Take care,


5 thoughts on “You can still be a prostitute if you want…

  1. aw.
    even if thers nothing written here for a while, this blog>mine
    regeneration day sucks ?
    prostitution also sucks.

  2. I am so jealous of you right now.
    Lawrence Leung showed you guys the MacGyver rocket?!
    That’s insane.

    Lawrence didn’t SHOW us the rocket he showed us the video of it that you saw, and then we got to ask him if it was real fire.

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